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Aninda Chakraborty

Inflation and its impact on the wind technology industry: Navigating economic challenges and opportunities

Rising material costs, supply chain disruptions, and labour shortages can strain project economics and slow the adoption of wind energy

Biodiversity loss and ecosystem collapse: Challenges and opportunities in the wind technology industry

By recognising and addressing the environmental impacts of wind farms, the industry can contribute to a sustainable energy future that respects and protects the natural world

Battling misinformation and disinformation in the wind technology industry

Through proactive public education, leveraging technology, engaging with the media, and advocating for informed policy decisions, the wind technology industry can counteract false narratives and build public trust

Cyber insecurity in the wind technology industry: A growing concern

By understanding the unique vulnerabilities of wind technology and implementing comprehensive security measures, companies can safeguard their assets and ensure the reliable delivery of renewable energy