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Inspector drone – unmanned aerial vehicles

As wind turbines increase in complexity and size, and manual inspection of them becomes less viable, industry professionals are looking to unmanned aerial vehicles, more commonly known as drones, for a solution. World Wind Technology investigates the potential that this technology has and its place in the industry’s future.

Solving the energy trilemma – the future of UK wind power

With the British Government dragging its feet on the UK’s renewables policies and the future of Hinkley Point C looking uncertain, it seems unlikely that the UK will meet its renewable energy output and climate change targets. In the context of ever increasing energy consumption combined with the need to fulfil commitments to reduce carbon emissions, what place does wind power have in the UK’s energy future?

On shaky ground – the global wind energy outlook

All analyses of the global energy picture today say that the wind industry has a bright future. Having experienced double-digit cumulative growth for nearly 20 years, wind is unique among modern manufacturing industries, to the point where the fastest growing job in the US is ‘wind energy technician’. But how bright is it, really? Steve Sawyer, secretary-general of the Global Wind Energy Council, explores a range of possible futures for wind energy.

London calling – Offshore Wind Energy 2017

WindEurope and RenewableUK are joining forces to run what is expected to be the largest offshore wind-energy conference and exhibition in the world. The event, Offshore Wind Energy 2017, will bring together 400 exhibitors and 10,000 delegates to London next June.

Blade runner – wind’s role in post-nuclear Germany

Since Germany announced plans to phase out nuclear power by the 2020s, the clock has been ticking for those in the renewables industry tasked with innovating to meet this aim. Zhuzhell Montano takes a closer look at research and development in wind power, and the potential for smart technology to improve turbine blades.

Eastern winds – renewable energy in India

Developing nations are forging ahead in the race for renewable energy, making up for more than two thirds of the £196.5 billion spent worldwide. Playing a pivotal role is India, with its wind capacity taking fourth position globally. Bradford Keen speaks to DV Giri, secretary-general at the Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturer’s Association, and Amar Variawa, director of marketing and public affairs at Vestas in India and South-East Asia, about the country’s ambitious goals, and the challenges threatening to push them beyond reach.

Save the porpoise – minimising acoustic disturbance to marine life

Offshore wind is widely considered a low-impact form of energy generation. However, the potential damage caused to marine life – particularly from acoustic disturbance during piling for the installation of turbines – needs to be addressed. Technical director Dr Carol Sparling of SMRU Consulting discusses the problems and what might be done to mitigate them.

Safety first – resilience engineering techniques

The wind industry has its fair share of health and safety (H&S) hazards, making adoption of and adherence to H&S guidelines imperative. Siemens Energy has implemented a number of resilience engineering techniques that are making a difference. JP Conkwright, director of quality and environmental protection, health management and safety at Siemens, explains how the company’s H&S training techniques alleviate the risks faced by employees in the wind industry.

Old dog, new tricks – the UK’s Green Port Hull project

With work nearing completion at the Green Port Hull project in the UK, World Wind Technology catches up with Michael Hannibal, CEO of offshore wind at Siemens Wind Power, to find out how the company’s £160-million investment is being spent, and what the finished port will deliver.

Partnering for success – AWEA Wind Project Operations and Maintenance and Safety Conference 2017

This February, wind industry professionals will gather in San Diego, California, for the AWEA Wind Project Operations and Maintenance and Safety Conference 2017, the largest event of its kind in North America.