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Wind projects announced as Ukraine prioritises energy security

VALOREM and WKN Windkraft Nord are to build new projects in the Odessa region of Ukraine.

Expected to be commissioned in 2019-2020, Valorem’s project is estimated at EUR 250million; details of WKN’s project are yet to be confirmed.

UK, Germany and Poland must clean up act on CO₂

Germany, the UK and Poland have topped the “dirty 30”, a list of the 30 most CO₂-polluting thermal power plants in the EU, released in a report written by environmental campaigners including the Climate Action Network and the Health and Environment Alliance.

Poland’s Belchatów plant ranked first, with three other Polish plants making the top 30. However the UK and Germany dominated overall with nine plants each making the top 30; five German plants were in the top ten, and four in the top five.