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Challenging lubrication application

Dr Felix Guerzoni, Shell Lubricants’ product application specialist, explains the benefits for wind turbine engineers of the company’s new high-performance, synthetic wind turbine blade bearing grease, Shell Gadus S5 V110KP 1.5.

Vestas to supply towers for third parties for North American wind power projects

Vestas is implementing its plan to create a more flexible and scalable business to adapt the company to the uncertain market situation in the wind industry. Part of this plan is to more effectively use the existing production capacity. This new agreement is a step in securing this.

Global wind energy: solid growth in 2012

The Global Wind Energy Council’s 2012 market statistics showed continued expansion of the market, with annual market growth of almost 10%, and cumulative capacity growth of about 19%. A record year for US installations and a slower market in China mean that the two countries all but tied for the top spot in 2012.

Pexa launches the BASF RELEST wind turbine repair coatings system in the UK

Pexa, the specialist supplier of surface-finishing materials to the energy and other high-tech markets, has announced the launch of the BASF RELEST wind system for the coating of wind turbine blades.

Statement by AWEA interim CEO Rob Gramlich on President Obama’s State of the Union speech

“Wind power became the number one source of new US electric generating capacity in 2012. Tonight, President Obama called on Congress to strengthen the stewardship we all share for our environment, and put more Americans to work in clean energy jobs and manufacturing.”

EU wind power grows in 2012 – but industry challenged in 2013

The EU wind energy sector installed 11.6GW of capacity in 2012, bringing the total wind power capacity to 105.6GW, according to the 2012 annual statistics launched by the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA).

Repowering ahead

The global wind repowering market grew significantly from 2006-11. GlobalData reports on the countries dominating the market and offers repowered capacity growth forecasts to 2020.

Jobs turbulence is short term

With a spate of lay-offs earlier this year and more expected across the industry, wind power worldwide is feeling the brunt of the debt crisis. Nonetheless, there is real reason for optimism. Dr Ansgar Lauterbach and Clive Laudham of DAL Zeitarbeit explain to Abi Millar why the market outlook looks set to improve in the medium term.

An injection of growth into Brazil’s wind market

Wind power is set to become Brazil’s fastest-growing energy source over the next decade, driven by significant investment from national development bank BNDES. In addition to offering competitive loans and interest rates, BNDES’s stipulation that developers buy domestic equipment has transformed the industry in Brazil. Bob Moser reports.