The UK’s Offshore Wind Industry Council (OWIC) has launched a programme to support and expland the country’s offshore supply chain. The Offshore Wind Growth Partnership will make £100 million available over 10 years to help companies take their place in the UK offshore supply chain and to tap in to a global market predicted to be worth £30 billion annually by 2030. The first stage of the programme is an investigation into the offshore wind foundations sector.

“The offshore wind industry is offering multi-million pound opportunities to hundreds of innovative companies throughout the UK in the years ahead – including new entrants to the market as well as firms already working in this area,” said Benj Sykes, industry chair of the OWIC. “The Offshore Wind Growth Partnership will provide practical help for UK companies so they can compete successfully for contracts in this thriving global market. The UK’s global pre-eminence in offshore wind means we are uniquely placed to sell our innovative products and services worldwide.”