CGN Europe Energy trusts NEM Solutions and its patented technology A.U.R.A. Diagnostic as its predictive analytics provider for their wind farms. 

CGN Europe Energy is owner and operator of 850 MW of installed wind power capacity in Europe. The wind farms are located in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland and the UK. The company objective’s is to reach 3 GW by 2022. The fast-growing installed capacity leads to several challenges associated with: 

  • Increasing turbine fleet in different locations 
  • Numerous turbine manufacturers with different monitoring systems 
  • Wind farm characteristics: 
    • Turbines from one year to 12 years old 
    • From 850 kW to 7.5MW 
    • Different environmental conditions.

The main motivation of CGNEE is to increase early stage failure detection that could led to reduce the O&M costs by the implementation of a SCADA-based predictive analytics to minimise the effect of: 

  • Corrective maintenance of catastrophic failures leading to large downtimes 
  • Failure detection of major components at early stage 
  • Production losses due to unscheduled maintenance activities.

NEM Solutions has succeeded in meeting the expectations for best technical grade and high quality of product and service. 

”NEM Solutions A.U.R.A Technology is already being used by some of the largest utilities, owners and operators in the world. Our aim is to improve early stage failure detections in order to better maintain and operate our assets. The flexibility shown by their service and technology will allow us to build critical knowledge in house and improve our operations”, says Olivier Texier, head of Engineering and O&M at CGN Europe Energy. 

"It is great to be able to work with CGN Europe Energy. The forward-thinking company, commitment to grow their analytical knowledge make the perfect timing for both companies to work together. We are excited for the opportunity to help on the transformation of CGN Energy Europe,” says Idoia Iceta, CEO at NEM Solutions.