One of the greatest problems experienced by workforces is wet, sweaty or cold workwear from previous shifts. Safeguarding that employees are outfitted with dry equipment is crucial for concentration efficiency and reduction of incidents. Especially for small enterprises, think of (fishing) vessels, small industrial applications or even home appliances, finding such a drying solution can be challenging, often due to limited space on site. For those businesses Pronomar’s new DUAL dryers provide a solution, as they are designed to fit in compact spaces.

This new type of drying system combines the electrical and warm-air blowing drying systems, by using electrically heated hangers with a freely adjustable airflow. As a result of combining electricity and warm air, you can choose between the eco-friendly mode and the speed mode. It is thus possible to adjust the airflow for a quicker drying time, but of course this can be regulated to your particular requirements.

On the stainless steel hangers, all types of foot-, hand- and headwear can be gently dried from the inside out. This unique drying system comes as wall-mounted and back-to-back configuration, to dry 2 or 4 pairs of gloves, footwear or headwear. So even for the smallest (onboard) surroundings, problems with wet gear can be tackled.