After having deployed and tested the iSpin technology on the 11 turbines of its Monts Bergerons wind farm (Somme-80) last year, EOS Wind France now decided to extend this deployment to all its Senvion wind turbines in operation. In total, 44 turbines will soon be equipped with the iSpin technology, for their remaining operational lifetime.

Julien Etienne, Director of EOS Wind France, explains the strategic move in this way “the first deployment on the Monts Bergerons wind farm allowed us to identify a significant optimisation potential, verified by the independent data expert WinDataMax. The deployment of the iSpin technology will provide us with an access to accurate and reliable wind data, hence enabling a more precise monitoring of the wind turbine performances. In addition, we will reduce the mechanical loads induced by potential yaw misalignments, therefore extending the lifetime of our assets.”

Guillaume Steinmetz, business manager of ROMO Wind in France, adds, “This strategic decision of EOS Wind France is in line with the current trend in the sector: wind farm operators now desire more transparency, in order to always assess the optimum conversion of wind energy into kWh. Investing in the iSpin technology allows to optimize the profitability of its wind assets, especially in an era where the auction systems are driving down the remuneration brought by state support mechanisms.”

More than 1,200 wind turbines have already been equipped with the iSpin technology worldwide. This deployment keeps speeding up, with more and more wind farm operators such as EOS Wind France now deciding to acquire ROMO Wind measurement devices, for permanent long-term installation on their assets. With iSpin, the operators ensure optimal production, performance monitoring and asset lifetime on all their wind turbines.