Liebherr’s maritime manufacturing plant in Rostock has achieved the next milestone in their outstanding heavy lift project. Using the new Liebherr portal crane at the port of Rostock, the TCC 78000, the experts of Liebherr and DEME have installed one of the most distinctive parts of the Heavy Lift Crane 295000: the 145m-long boom.

The next milestone for the largest crane ever built by Liebherr has been fulfilled. The 145m-long boom was connected successfully to the cranes slewing unit.

“This is the first time Liebherr has manufactured and installed a crane of this size. We expected a lot of exciting challenges, which our specialists were eager to solve”, says Leopold Berthold, managing director of Liebherr Rostock.“The challenging installation processes went smooth due to the remarkable job done by the involved employees.”

All major crane elements have been installed on the Orion, the next generation offshore installation vessel which will operate the HLC in the future. The Orion, owned by the Belgian DEME Group, has dual-fuel engines and can be driven by conventional fuel or LNG. With the HLC on board as well as a maximized deck space, the vessel offers a unique combination of lifting functionality and loading capacity.

One of the key success factors for the different installation lifts was the new TCC 78000, the Liebherr portal crane at the quayside. The landmark of the Liebherr Rostock plant, visible from afar, was significantly involved in every installation step: Lifting the lower and upper part of the slewing unit, the A-Frame and finally, the boom. All of those lifts were the first major operations of the TCC 78000, which the heavy-duty gantry crane fulfilled with excellence.

“The boom was the last large construction element of the HLC that had to be lifted on the Orion”, adds Robert Pitschmann, sales project manager of the HLC 295000. “There are still a few steps to finalize the construction of the crane. We are looking forward to see the HLC in action during its first operation at Moray East Windpark.”

Heavy Lift Cranes with large functional range

With a maximum lifting capacity of 5,000 metric tons at an outreach of 35m and a maximum lifting height in excess of 175m above the deck of the Orion, the HLC 295000 accesses new markets for Liebherr-MCCtec Rostock GmbH. The HLC and the expansion of the heavy-duty crane programme is anchored in the Liebherr strategy not least because of the energy revolution. Offshore wind turbines become larger and are being built more and more to guarantee sustainable energy provision for current and future generations. To construct these large wind turbines, the unique lifting height of the HLC with up to 175m is very important. In addition, there is the trend of decommissioning the offshore oil and gas installations, where large and heavy parts are being dismantled – another task that the HLC products of Liebherr can easily manage due to their lifting capacity of 5,000 metric tons.

“The decisive factor is the variety of operations that the HLC can cover in combination with its large functional range. Liebherr heavy lift cranes can be used for different lifting situations all around the world”, summarises Berthold.