RSD validation, full maintenance concepts, leasing or renting – now available online!

ProfEC Ventus GmbH from Oldenburg has expanded its portfolio of hardware and services offered in the "One Stop Wind Shop“ (shop for wind measurement technology, wind measurement masts, remote sensing devices and accredited services) by a wide range of remote sensing services and devices like SODAR and LIDAR.

At in the category RSD, customers can now find a wide selection of RSD products, for example proven models of LIDAR and SODAR remote-sensing devices offered for rent, with or without an option to buy. In addition, ProfEC Ventus offers the certified "surveying" of measurement locations, where the remote sensing device is validated by means of an in-situ reference mast.

Afterwards, for a large-scale site survey, the RSD can change the measuring position several times within a few months. In this way, expenses for further measuring masts can be saved and at the same time the remote sensing device is bank-compliant validated in accordance with IEC 61400-12-1 Ed. 2, MEASNET – Evaluation of Site Specific Wind Conditions V.2 and FGW TR6. Rev.10 – Determination of Wind Potential and Energy Yields.

ProfEC Ventus also offers intensive advice and support for the design of sophisticated measurement campaigns (cost-saving potentials, technology, duration, recommended redundancies, Monitoring) especially in complex terrain.

ProfEC Ventus offers a competitive concept for commissioning as well as the maintenance and operation of RSD. According to Mathias Hölzer managing director of ProfEC Ventus: "As a global acting Measuring Institute and accredited Testing Laboratory and Calibration Laboratory, we know very well about the concerns of customers who too often have had bad experience with incalculable costs for repairs or bug fixes within a measurement period by means of remote sensing devices. Especially if the customers themselves have no experts for these devices in-house and / or the devices are operating in remote locations anywhere in the world, the costs shoot up quickly.

"Costs further increase if a local technician cannot find or fix the problem immediately and multiple travels to the site become necessary. Therefore, we also offer full maintenance solutions that exclude any hidden or unknown operating costs for our customers. If necessary, our engineers travel with the necessary spare parts kit and bring the system back into operation instantaneously. "

Appraisals of this quality are a prerequisite for banks and investors for re-financing of existing or planned wind farm projects, especially in Germany, and are also indispensable for portfolio sales.