Swiss-Danish wind turbine optimiser ROMO Wind is now making its patented iSpin spinner anemometer available in Poland. The exclusive local sales partner is windhunter-serwis. The patented ultrasonic wind measurement at the hub tip, which detects all relevant wind parameters directly in front of the rotor, will be available to the Polish market from June 2019.

iSpin guarantees more comprehensive, accurate, visible and actionable data than nacelle anemometer and Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) measurements, it also offers significantly better value than LiDAR solutions.

The windhunter-serwis team, renowned specialists for wind measurements with met masts and remote sensing devices, will distribute all products and services related to the patented iSpin spinner anemometer in Poland from June 2019 on behalf of ROMO Wind, provider of the iSpin technology.

ROMO Wind Deutschland GmbH will service the Polish market from Hamburg. Managing director Jens Müller-Nielsen is pleased with the expansion of activities and that such a high-profile sales partner could be won for Poland: “With windhunter, we are supported by a highly experienced partner who knows the Polish market precisely and who is extremely well networked. Poland has 6GB of installed wind energy capacity to date, we see great opportunities for further development and the need for more accurate wind data, which our iSpin technology can provide.“

As the only technology on the market, iSpin measures the wind where it meets the turbine first – at the tip of the hub, directly in front of the rotor. The system has already been installed on over 1,000 wind turbines. With iSpin, wind farm operators can identify the real earning capacity of their plants and directly compare different turbines of a wind farm. The ultrasonic sensors record all significant wind parameters precisely and simultaneously.

“This technology has now been developed to its 4.0 version which offers better value than all other solutions on the market,” adds Bart Dujczynski, ROMO’s non-executive Board Member supporting the expansion into Poland. “It is an ideal ‘CFO Product’ since under its various solutions like turbulence intensity optimisation, wind sector management, curtailment limitation, yaw misalignment correction or power curve verification against that of the OEMs, it can pay for itself often times in less than half a year of operation depending on the situation.

“This is a key investment consideration for operators performing the O&M themselves or under long term OEM contracts. At the end of the day, it comes down to economics and the iSpin offers very impressive & measurable returns which will make a difference to the bottom line very quickly.”