TE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in connectivity and sensors, has begun offering extremely ruggedised X-Code M12 right angle connectors for field assembly in a range of railway applications.

The new connectors enable safe and reliable data transmission speeds of 10GB a second, even in harsh environments. They conform to the European standard EN45545 governing fire performance of materials and parts in railway applications and are rated IP67 for resistance to dust and liquids, thanks to the use of O-rings.

The M12 right angle connectors have 360-degree shielding. They are very compact – only 42.5mm high – so they can be fitted into confined areas. To support optimal connectivity between the connector and the cable, each combination has been matched. An important advantage for installers is that, because they come partially pre-assembled and have jacket crimping, final assembly time in the field can be as much as 30% shorter than with other connectors.

Jacket crimping has numerous advantages. It reduces cable breakage and so reduces maintenance needs. In addition, the crimp insert provides a stable surface to connect the cable braiding, thus helping keep the all-round shielding intact and minimizing network disturbances.

“Modern trains are packed with network devices. Whether it is the sensors, passenger information systems, camera’s or Wi-fi Networks, all need to be connected to the onboard network. This leads to highly populated installation areas. Our new Right Angle M12 X-Coded connectors for rail applications offer extremely low installation height, which allows the connectors to be used in confined backbone applications” said Egbert Stellinga, product manager for TE Connectivity’s Industrial business.

Intended applications for the new M12 right angle connectors include Onboard Ethernet networks that connect passenger information and entertainment systems, as well as surveillance systems, to the train network.