Z-bridge B.V. announced today that first phase of the Bring-to-Work (B2W) development has been successfully completed. The Bring-to-Work system is a cost efficient, lightweight solution that is especially designed for safe and efficient access during maintenance activities. The objective of the design is to optimise visit times by deploying small team up to six persons in one transit. The B2W system can also be deployed as a 3D motion compensated crane, hoisting three tonnes, this makes the system also applicable for installation and commissioning activities.

The B2W system provides direct access from the vessels deck to the offshore structure from elevation of six metres up to 22 metres LAT, making use of the existing W2W landing points. The small footprint and the 19.5-tonne weight makes the system extremely suitable for deployment on smaller SOV’s and the larger type of CTV’s currently available in the market. This opens workability windows for new vessels that now can enter the offshore “W2W” market.

Under the supervision of Bureau Veritas, the fabrication and assembly of the steel work has this week been finalised at SEW Oil & Gas. As from today the outfitting of the hydraulic & control system will commence. After commissioning, the system will be fully tested during the onshore factory acceptance tests. Upon successful completion and acceptance of the third party inspection, the B2W system will be mobilised on a vessel for sea trails. During the sea trails the system will be demonstrated in the actual working environment. The sea trails are scheduled for Q4 2019.

System specifics

  • Weight : 19.5 tonnes
  • Footprint : 4.5m x 4.5m
  • Working Height : +6 up to 22 LAT
  • Motion compensated transferring capabilities:
    • Crew transfer up to six technicians in the elevator
    • Cargo transfer up to 1000kg in the elevator
    • Hoisting three tonnes from the deck to the offshore structure
  • The Bring-to-Work system is fully motion compensated for:
    • Roll : +/- 6 deg
    • Pitch : +/- 6 deg
    • Heave : +/- 2m.