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Accurate forecasts can help wind farm maintenance

Accurate meteorological information can help wind farm operators to plan maintenance and provide warnings for when to shut down turbines for protection. Gamesa services marketing director Christian Jourdain explains the benefits of the MEGA Meteo system.

China dominates the small wind turbine market

As the US drops into second place with China dominating the small wind turbine market, GlobalData reports on how this shift lines up with the rest of the market overview.

New technologies in wind energy

World Wind Technology takes a look at the unconventional new technologies making headway in the industry.

Community involvement needed when implementing renewable energy sources

Onshore wind may provide the UK’s largest and cheapest source of renewable electricity but with the latest in a series of unfavourable policy changes, the industry is falling victim to the ‘nimbyism’ that has long plagued it. Sarah Williams asks whether a solution could yet be found through greater involvement of communities in the style of countries such as Denmark, speaking to Gemma Grimes of RenewableUK, and Emil Axelsen of the Danish Energy Agency.

How to maximise aging wind farms

What is the best way to maximise the efficiency of aging wind farms? Retrofit, repower or improve maintenance? We find out from Christian Jourdain, services marketing director at Spanish wind turbine manufacturer Gamesa, the company’s approach to getting the most out of early turbine models and how it has been influenced by matters beyond its control.

Importance of blade design in turbine manufacture

Blade design is arguably the most important aspect of turbine manufacture, with a direct bearing on how much energy is produced and how much it costs. As designs become more innovative, testing procedures need to become more meticulous. Kevin Standish, R&D LAC engineering manager at Siemens Wind Power, explains how the testing regime feeds back into the manufacturing process, in the laboratory and on the field.

Moving into US energy market

With DONG Energy one of the first companies to enter the US offshore wind market, Elly Earls finds out from the company’s North American general manager Thomas Brostrøm how its experience in European waters will prove invaluable across the pond and what challenges the US industry will face given its relative immaturity.