3M’s vast product portfolio is derived from core technologies, ranging from advanced materials to nanotechnology and microreplication. There are many ways these technologies can be combined to meet the emerging needs of the wind industry.

3M innovation is fundamentally about solving problems. We invite you to present your challenges to our experts – so we can work together to design the solutions you need and build more performance and profit into your products. No matter what your need, we invite you to put 3M technology to work for you!

We have products that can help build, protect and enhance wind turbines.

Build confidently with 3M wind fillers, sealants and adhesives

Because fillers become the base of the leading edge, they can significantly influence how a leading edge is resistant to erosion. It is important to pick the right filler and coating/wind protection tape combination to effectively prevent erosion. 3M fillers are not only efficient with a fast cure time, but also provide a high performance against erosion when combined with 3M Leading Edge Protection.

3M offers a complete line of polyurethane and hybrid sealants. These products are ideal for sealing, component attachment, and an unlimited variety of fabrication and repair applications, including blades and nacelle covers. Engineered to provide outstanding sealing and bonding performance, their unique one-part polyurethane formulations are also easy to use.

For wind components manufacturing, 3M offers a line of innovative adhesive solutions – optimised to meet the unique needs of this dynamic industry for strength, durability, environmental resistance and efficiency. 3M Dry Layup Adhesive, a sprayable, high-tack and fast-drying adhesive, is a synthetic elastomer-based formulation for bonding/holding glass fabrics and roving other reinforcements and materials (i.e. flow media) in place during the infusion process. Its particle spray pattern and colour provide a visual check of spray level for more consistent application.

Protect investments using 3M wind protection coatings and tapes

In an average year, turbine blades face a wide variety of environmental and weather challenges – including rain, hail, blowing sand and salt spray – leading to erosion in the form of pitting, gouging and delamination of the edge of the blade. This erosion not only compromises the integrity of the blade, but also impacts its aerodynamic efficiency, causing a significant loss in annual energy production (AEP).

Protect your investment by using 3M wind protection coatings and tapes. 3M wind protection tapes can significantly reduce and even eliminate leading edge erosion in wind turbine blades. Based on similar technology used to protect helicopter blades and aircraft radomes, these exceptionally tough, puncture-resistant tapes are easy to apply, either at the blade manufacturer or in the field. They can help extend the useful life of turbine blades in even the harshest environments.

3M wind blade protection coatings W4600 and W4601 are designed to help protect the leading edges of wind blades from damage caused by sand and rain erosion, and minor impact. 3M wind blade protection coatings W4600 and W4601 are two component polyurethane coatings that provide excellent erosion protection in a single layer. The coatings are designed for application in OEM facilities and can be easily applied via brush or casting.

Enhance performance with 3M vortex generators (VGs)

Some of the major losses in efficiency due to design compromises can be offset by VGs. These small attachments regulate the boundary layer airflow by helping it to stay attached to the wind turbine blade for a longer period of time, increasing efficiency.

3M VGs are made of a highly durable thermoplastic with dimensional stability and strength, which has a proven track record of superior weathering resistance. Our VGs are equipped with 3M acrylic foam tape die-cuts that provide excellent long-term durability and holding power, while treating the blade surface with care. 3M VGs capitalise on our expertise in materials, adhesion technology and weathering; in case studies AEP increases of 2−3% have been confirmed.

More on 3M

3M is a diversified global technology company, with over 100 years of product development and manufacturing expertise. Our portfolio of some 45 advanced technologies, represented by the 3M table of elements, is the foundation for thousands of unique and innovative products used in virtually every industry.

These technologies are being used to build the next generation of wind energy systems – with products designed to enhance reliability, improve performance, and provide protection against weathering and harsh environments.

3M brings you the advantage of an experienced, reliable partner – with the resources and expertise to develop applications, provide technical support and supply products anywhere in the world.