Acta Marine is a maritime support provider with a versatile fleet of over 40 vessels. We operate globally; supporting clients working on coastal infrastructure and offshore energy projects. We work in a broad range of maritime sectors. DP Multicats, Walk-to-work Vessels, Crew Transfer Vessels, Multipurpose & Survey Vessels, and Barges – our fleet is capable of taking on a wide scope of jobs.

Our work is carried out by a motivated and professional team of personnel. With our proven track record, we strive continuously to optimise our services, providing our clients with the most effective solutions. We started out in 1970 – and still operate as – a family-owned business. With a long-term focus, we take care of all aspects of our business; our clients, business partners, our people, our assets, and the environment we work in.

DP2 Walk to Work Construction Support vessels – winter workability

Acta Orion, Acta Auriga and Acta Centaurus provide year round offshore walk to work and cargo lifting services to offshore platforms and offshore wind farm installations. Our vessels perform in high sea states and are able to accommodate up to 120 persons comfortably.

DP Multicats and shoalbuster tugs – Shallow water specialists

This Acta Marine fleet works in a broad scope of maritime sectors. Our background is in shallow water projects, but in four decades we have developed our skills to include a variety of tailor-made services for clients working throughout the maritime sector and specifically supporting oil & gas and offshore renewable projects worldwide.

Crew Transfer Vessels

Nine Crew Transfer Vessels are operated by Acta Marine of which some in very remote areas This. Varying from 12 to 24 pax vessels as well as survey/CTV hybrid solutions, these vessels are multifunctional for all types of projects in the Offshore Energy and Coastal Infrastructure markets.

Our Mission

Acta Marine delivers excellent marine support for the coastal infrastructure and offshore energy markets; not only from a technical point of view, but also operational in terms of people, safety, and environment. Acta Marine works together as a team in an environment of trust, built on safety and expertise. Striving for sustainable profitability, they continuously adapt and improve their services and are ready to take on the most challenging projects.