ActSafe’s ACX Power ascender includes a compact and lightweight – 13kg – ascender/descender for rope access. The tough, IP55-protected unit runs on battery and is transportable, making it easy for you to carry around. It works as a personal elevator and work-positioning system that enables the operator to easily reach work places at heights safely and quickly, at 25m/min.

The ascender optimises your workday and enables you to get to normally inaccessible areas without ever having to take the stairs.

ACX Power is self-locking and has a – patent pending – enclosed grab system. The former feature makes the device easy to handle and increases safety by automatically locking the device in case the user slips.

The ascender is powered by a strong battery capable of going up to 200m with a load of 100kg, and rapid charging is handled by an intelligent electronic management system

The remote control, which has a 150m range, gives the user the necessary freedom of movement to handle equipment while a colleague controls the ascender.

It’s quick and easy to set up, and has a unique rope grab system that enables rapid alternation between lifting equipment and personnel.

A bidirectional throttle enables operation to be slow or quick, and in single smooth movements, or small jerky ones.