Forty-nine years has passed from 1967, the year when production started of a revolutionary product that supports the development of industry in all its sectors − from metal structures to transport, from shipbuilding to oil and gas − seamless copper-coated flux-cored wires with OERLIKON technology.

All these years, Air Liquide Welding has continuously developed this technology considering new base materials and production needs, with the aim of producing more and more high performance flux-cored wires to a consistent quality that satisfies the mechanical requirements of new, high-demanding steels.

Flux-cored Wires, normally known as a product for manual welding under shielding gas, is today more frequently used in the submerged arc welding process. Air Liquide Welding with its two brands, OERLIKON and SAF-FRO, is recognised worldwide as one of the market leader in fluxes for submerged arc welding, is also proposing a wide range of FLUXOCORD wires for this process..

Non-alloyed C-Mn and HYSS steels, normally used in infrastructure, and the oil and gas and wind energy sectors, are covered by our flux-cored wire and flux combinations. OERLIKON seamless FLUXOCORD wires can be used in narrow-gap joint preparation with SAW process including twin, tandem and multi-arc configurations. With higher deposition rate compared to solid wires, these flux-cored wires achieve the best productivity results.

Air Liquide Welding is not only a producer of consumables, but also a manufacturer of manual and automatic solutions for welding and cutting, offering a wide range of products such as SUBARC 7i, an installation equipped with the new inverter power source STARMATIC 1200i ACDC (welding up to 1200A at 100% duty cycle).

SUBARC 7i and FLUXOCORD with OERLIKON technology is the perfect compromise to achieve high productivity.