AREVA, EDP Renewables, GDF SUEZ and Neoen Marine have submitted their offers for a number of new wind installations in France, which are set to boost the country’s wind sector immeasurably. AREVA explains how these high-profile projects are progressing and why its new 8MW turbine has been selected to power the farms.

On 29 November 2013, AREVA, EDP Renewables, GDF SUEZ and Neoen Marine submitted their proposals to the French Government for the installation and operation of 1,000MW of offshore wind energy in France – 500MW in the Le Tréport area in Haute-Normandie and a further 500MW in the vicinity of the Yeu and Noirmoutier islands in Pays-de-la-Loire.

It is estimated that the power generated by these two wind farms could provide electricity for 1.6 million French people each year.

Experts on board

AREVA, EDP Renewables, GDF SUEZ and Neoen Marine plan to develop these powerful and sustainable projects in close collaboration with local stakeholders. The projects will also ensure support for fishermen, and provide concrete solutions for the protection of the environment and the surrounding landscape.

As leaders in renewable energy that are already involved in 25 offshore wind projects, the partners will draw on their complementary expertise in the management of major industrial projects and experience of offshore construction and technical analysis.

Creating jobs and economic activity in France

The construction of these two wind farms will generate close to 6,000 jobs and involve many local businesses. With the support of local authorities, chambers of commerce and related industries, the consortium partners have met with nearly 450 businesses in the regions of Normandy and Picardy, and in Pays-de-la-Loire, most notably in Vendée. This network is set to form the foundation of the future French offshore wind industry.

These projects will also involve the significant development of regional port facilities. At the port of Le Havre, four factories will be set up to manufacture nacelles, blades and other key equipment for wind turbines (such as bearings, multipliers and generators).

"The two wind farms will generate close to 6,000 jobs and involve many local businesses."

In addition, the ports of Le Havre and Saint-Nazaire will serve as construction sites for the offshore facilities. Finally, support centres for logistics, operations, and maintenance will be located at the ports of Dieppe and Le Tréport, as well as on the islands of Yeu and Noirmoutier, creating a high number of local jobs.

The most powerful offshore wind turbine in France GDF SUEZ, EDP Renewables and Neoen have chosen to erect AREVA’s new 8MW turbine, made in France, at these new wind farms.

This technology will provide improved productivity and output, reduce the number of turbines needed at the wind farms by almost 40% and bring enhanced compatibility with local fishing activities. This turbine will also make it possible to reduce construction time and optimise wind farm maintenance.

This 8MW turbine brings together the industrial experience and the recognised reliability of AREVA’s technological platform in the offshore wind field.

Innovation: at the heart of the strategy

Research and development is an integral part of the offers presented. The partners have also initiated cooperation with local universities and research institutes that are eager to get involved in building a strong offshore wind industry in France, with a view to exporting energy overseas in the future.


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