The weather and the ocean can make sea operations a nightmare. Barge Master offers safe, motion-compensated, offshore lifting, creating a safer and more cost-effective working environment.

Workability during offshore installation activities is strongly influenced by weather and sea conditions. The swell (long waves) has a significant impact on the motions of supply or installation vessels and barge/crane combinations, which can lead to situations where onboard personnel and equipment are at risk. In such instances, work is interrupted, resulting in extra costs and tight time schedules. Barge Master can increase workability and make offshore installation activities safer with a flexible and low-cost solution.


Relatively small rotations of the barge (2-3°) on which a crane is placed result in large movements (4-5m) of the crane boom tip, and therefore the hook and load. These movements in relation to the fixed world, where the actual installation work takes place, make working safely impossible and hence operations are ceased. The implications for project planning and costs are obvious.

In a 3D world, six degrees of freedom (DoF) need to be compensated to keep the platform from moving. Three DoFs are compensated by restraining two translations (surge and sway) and one rotation (yaw) of the vessel or barge by using a dynamic positioning or traditional anchor system. The remaining three DoF, one translation (heave) and two rotations (roll and pitch), are compensated by the Barge Master, a platform driven by three hydraulic actuators. By measuring the heave, roll and pitch, and controlling the actuators supporting the platform to produce the counteractive motion, the platform is kept in a fixed, steady position.


The Barge Master has a broad range of applications. All marine supply and lifting operations up to 1,000t can be performed more safely and quickly, and under more adverse sea states when using a Barge Master. They can be used as:

  • motion compensation platforms for cargo during
  • vessel-to-platform transfers
  • motion compensation platforms for standard crawler cranes on flat-top barges.

The Barge Master provides:

  • increased safety during offshore supply and lifting operations
  • higher workability during offshore supply and lifting operations
  • a flexible solution by using standard vessels, barges and cranes
  • a low-cost solution.

Rental and sale

Standard Barge Masters can be rented or purchased as stand-alone units and can be combined with:

  • a standard flat-top barge
  • a standard crawler crane
  • a standard supply vessel.

Standard barges and cranes can be hired worldwide. Only a Barge Master needs to be mobilised to form a motion-compensated crane barge. Since the entire system is fully containerised, mobilisation costs are kept to a minimum. Essentially, a Barge Master can be placed on any vessel or barge deck.

Custom-built Barge Masters are developed and built according to client-specific requirements. For customised systems, foundations and ship interfaces are modified to accommodate barge particulars or additional customer requirements.


Barge Master is developed together with a number of selected technology partners, such as Bosch Rexroth and MARIN Maritime Research Institute. The innovative nature of the Barge Master concept is recognised by the European patent office, industry specialists and the Dutch Government through its innovations office.

First operational platform

Barge Master has completed its extensive testing programme of the S700/C400 Barge Master. Full-scale tests in the North Sea showed excellent motion compensation percentages of over 95%. The Barge Master can carry a 400t crane, or compensate loads up to 700mt when used as a supply platform.

Company profile

Barge Master develops and produces wave compensated platforms for the marine and offshore / near shore construction industry.

Motion compensated platforms for crane barges or supply vessels are typical examples of Barge Master applications. Barge Master is developed together with Bosch Rexroth and Marin maritime research institute.

Barge Master is a product with a broad range of applications. Essentially all marine supply and lifting operations up to 1000t can be performed safer, quicker and under more adverse sea states when using a Barge Master.

Barge Masters can be utilized as:

  • Motion compensation platforms for standard crawler cranes on flat top barges.
  • Motion compensation platforms for cargo during vessel to platform transfers.

Custom built Barge Masters can be developed and built according to client specific requirements. Essentially, any crane on a barge can be mounted onto a Barge Master, foundation and ship interfaces will be modified where necessary.