The MasterFlow 9800 from BASF is a shrinkage-compensated, cement-based grout that, when mixed with water, produces a homogeneous, flowing and easy-to-pump grout with exceptional mechanical and physical properties. The MasterFlow 9800 reduces grout-related project costs in offshore foundation installation.

The MasterFlow 9800 is the result of intense development aimed at overcoming the challenges of offshore grouting. It significantly and quantifiably improves productivity and safety when grouting offshore structures.

The new high-strength grout is especially advantageous for large-scale projects where bulk supply, and continuous mixing and pumping are major benefits. In addition, the material is more efficient, safer and cleaner. Unrivalled application benefits contribute to an overall cost reduction of the foundation installation. The grout can be shipped in silos rather than bags, which facilitates quayside storage in all weather conditions, and more flexibility in vessel deck layout. Subsequently, bags or containers need not be moved during grouting operations or when reloading the installation vessels. The excellent flow properties allow the material to be pumped through 2-in grout lines, which have a direct impact on the design and cost of the secondary steel.

Important considerations

Grout materials used in the offshore foundation installation considerably influence the overall foundation cost. Items considered in the grout-related project cost (GRPC) include the grout product, the grouting concept, grouting works, grout properties and the risk associated to the grout and grout process, for example, delays to project planning.

"Compared with other products, the material can decrease the overall costs of the foundation subcontract in an offshore wind energy project by 10-15% when integrated into project planning at an early stage," says Luc Westhof, global key account manager of wind power at BASF. "Together with our customers, we will bring benefits to the entire value chain."

MasterFlow 9800 has already proven its worth on a large-scale offshore windfarm. The grout material, and BASF’s principal grouting contractor FoundOcean, were chosen for the unique delivery and installation method. The specialised grouting equipment considerably reduces the offshore grouting time during the foundation installation.

Operational advantages

The operational advantages, combined with the technical properties of MasterFlow 9800, facilitate substantial time and cost savings during the installation of offshore foundations while ensuring the extreme durability of the grouted connections.

Westhof says: "Offshore challenges have set high requirements on the new grout material and its applications. Aligning the excellent properties of MasterFlow 9800 with the operational advantages of our grouting contractor’s specialised equipment improves health and safety significantly. The crucial advantage of MasterFlow 9800 is its silo compatibility."

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