Blastrac is the leading international developer and manufacturer of surface preparation equipment including including steel blasting machines.

Blastrac steel blasting systems are the most effective and environmentally friendly methods of removing paint, coatings, non-skid and other contaminants from steel surfaces. Blastrac steel shot blasting systems using steel shot and angular steel grit, or a mixture of the two in a variety of sizes allowing the operator to achieve a wide range of anchor profiles and roughness needed for almost any type of coating application.

Working principle

The working principle of all Blastrac steel blasting equipment is based on the laws of kinetic and mechanical energy. The blasting operation is performed by steel shot and angular abrasive being thrown at high velocity against the surface to be cleaned. Throwing action is achieved through centrifugal force, where a wheel with blades located radially is rotated at very high speed.

On to this revolving wheel, abrasive is fed in such a manner that it travels along the radial length of the blades is then is thrown off in a high velocity stream at the surface to be cleaned, efficiently blasting the work surface. After the abrasive has impacted the work surface, it rebounds back into the machine.

Inside the machine the abrasive is separated from the dust and debris. The abrasive is returned back to the abrasive storage hopper to be re-used. The debris is transported by air flow into the dust collector, where it is collected to enable it to be packaged into containers for disposal. This process is an on-going and automatic continuous operation.

Blasting of wind turbine monopiles

Our 900VMB vertical steel blaster, in combination with the 900DC Blastrac dust collection system, can be used to blast the monopiles of wind turbines. The objective is to both clean & create texture on the external part of the monopiles before carrying out the metalisation process or before applying a new coating. Because windmills may be subject to difficult weather conditions (wind, salt, rain, heat, UV…), the surface preparation of the monopile is a key element for a long lasting coating.
With the 900VMB Blastrac vertical steel blasting machine, we are able to generate an optimal, clean profile SA 2,5 according to the ISO norm 8501-1. The created anchor pattern will ensure proper bonding of the coating to the work surface. The anchor pattern is basically the peaks and valleys on the surface of the metal on a microscopic scale. It particularly depends on the abrasive you use: round steel shot and or angular steel grit.

The machine works on a stationary vertical position and moves only from right to left or left to right. The monopile turns around itself in order to expose the surface in the front of the 900VMB mouth.

It is a highly effective option over manual open-blasting. Our 900VMB vertical steel blaster works in closed circuit, so there is no dust released in the environment. In addition, the abrasive is recycled which makes the steel blasting process really time & cost effective.

Blastrac didn’t develop a specific rigging system for this application. It is up to the customer to select the best option depending on its facility, diameter & length of the pipes… of course we can help you to find the best solution.

Maintenance of wind turbines towers

Throughout the years, it is not uncommon for wind turbine towers to show signs of damage from corrosion. If this affects the flange connections or the reinforcement, this may endanger the operation and static stability of the wind turbine. That’s why it is necessary to eliminate this corrosion.

Our 200VMB vertical steel blaster is the perfect machine to carry out the surface treatment of wind turbine towers. In only one pass, it will eliminate the corrosion and will leave the surface thoroughly cleaned with an anchor profile which ensures proper adhesion of the coating system to the steel. This process eliminates access requirements such as scaffolding and allows you to carry out safe, clean, efficient & environmentally friendly operations. Depending on the wind turbine design a rigging or lifting device needs to be adapted to the 200VMB.

Advantages of steel blasting systems

  • No need for containment
  • Requires less manpower than open blasting
  • Reduces square meter costs
  • Offers simplified handling and disposal of waste
  • Recyclable steel abrasive, generating drastic cost savings
  • Allows other trades to work in close vicinity without interruption
  • Are environmentally friendly
  • Produces a range of surface profiles through a selection of steel shot and of angular steel abrasive type, size and machine travel speed
  • SA 1, SA 2, SA 2.5 according ISO 8501-1 standards
  • No flash rusting as with some other methods; surface is dry at all times
  • Cost savings on; scaffolding, compressors, labour, clean up costs, abrasive consumption, project planning and much more
  • 100% dust free blasting operation, systems that can be used in all necessary areas
  • Replaces & conventional open blasting, reducing exposure risks to workers and environment
  • Leaves uniform clean surfaces with reduced clean up time
  • High productivity per hour
  • Dust collection system can stay stationary at up to 90 meters away
  • Reduces air consumption by 100%.