With its long experience and seaport-focused approach, BLG WindEnergy Logistics is the obvious choice for operators working in the offshore wind industry who are in need of transport and logistical services.

The internationally operating BLG WindEnergy Logistics identified the signs of the times early on, developing and implementing innovative logistical solutions for the offshore wind industry that effectively support individual processes throughout the entire supply chain.

With its experience and unique position as a seaport-oriented logistics service provider, BLG integrates those processes into an overall logistics scheme, thereby making its contribution towards bringing about a successful energy transformation.

Setting up offshore wind farms involves transportation of the components and optimal coordination of the procedures, required personnel and equipment, taking into account the specific weather conditions.

It must be guaranteed, for instance, that all components required for the installation of one or more specific turbines are available for loading on board the installation vessel on schedule and that the forecast weather windows for installing the loading components are suitable for installation to go ahead without risking having to abort the process.

Simulation contributes to the cost savings required by this young industry. BLG is working with simulation tools for planning and control of transport and cargo handling processes so as to guarantee the efficient use of resources – the means of transportation, cargo handling and storage space. There is also a focus on port planning through the use of simulation studies.

Sleeper service

BLG wants to lower costs on a long-term basis. For this reason, it is necessary to keep the expenses for setting up a suitable port infrastructure down. As areas with a load-bearing capacity of up to 3,800t are usually required for the large components to be stored, BLG developed a bearing support system (‘sleepers’) that provides effective load-distribution to the ground.

In this way, it is possible to do without extensive upgrading measures, and, at the same time, ensure highly flexible handling of the components, for instance when new arrangements have to be made for use of the storage areas.

Specially designed adapter plates, based on modular principles, make the sleepers universally suitable, so all components can be transported and stored safely and reliably with one system. Installation of the sleepers is an integral part of the optimised process chain.

Protect the environment, reduce costs

For the transport of heavy load components, BLG has developed a special pontoon. The Offshore BHV 1’s main characteristics mean it allows:

  • rapid loading and unloading
  • diverse uses, in particular transport of further large components for offshore wind farms
  • speedy retrofitting of the pontoon for different loading cases and operations at short notice
  • control of the inclination of the pontoon and the load on the quay via an efficient ballast system
  • operation throughout the entire North and Baltic Seas, while offshore ports along the coasts of the UK, Ireland, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and other countries bordering the Baltic Sea can also be served.

A load-securing system eliminates the need for welding work, thus contributing to cost savings while protecting the environment at the same time.

BLG WindEnergy logistics has successfully worked on a variety of offshore wind farm projects, such as the Global Tech I, Trianel Windpark Borkum, Nordsee Ost and Meerwind Süd/Ost wind farms.

BLG Logistics outlines what makes Bremerhaven, Germany, an ideal location for the production, handling and supply of wind energy components.

Over the past few years, Bremerhaven has developed into one of the most important industrial production locations in the offshore wind energy sector. Seven wind farms are currently under construction in the North Sea, and BLG Logistics is at the logistical helm of four of them – Global Tech 1, Trianel Windpark Borkum, Nordsee Ost and Meerwind Süd/Ost – providing transport, cargo handling, storage and engineering services.

Storage and cargo handling for offshore foundation structures and other large components are carried out via the Offshore Terminal ABC-Halbinsel, Bremerhaven. The company’s know-how, particularly in the field of engineering, is appreciated internationally: high-ranking delegations from France, Japan and the US, for example, seek BLG’s experience.

Innovative logistics solutions

Due to the exceptional dimensions of offshore components, BLG has developed innovative logistics solutions based on a modular design. In the wind energy sector, the company has grown from a logistics company with decades of experience in port operations, procurement, production and distribution to become a full-blown offshore wind development service provider and technology consultant.

The company is able to manage the highly complex supply chain from procurement and production all the way through to installation at sea. Logistics is a tricky production factor in the offshore wind sector, currently contributing a quarter of the total costs; by employing intelligent processes and networking the various interfaces, however, it is possible to significantly reduce the costs of construction and operation.

Cutting-edge equipment

One example of cross-company logistics processes is the transportation of large offshore foundation structures.

BLG has invested in a specially developed pontoon, OFFSHORE BHV 1, for this purpose. With a length of 70m, a width of 32m, a load capacity of 8,000t and an integrated rail system, it enables the company to transport, among other things, basic elements for offshore wind turbines that weigh 900t and are up to 60m high.

Handling, transportation and storage

The BLG WindEnergy Logistics Center in Bremerhaven provides storage facilities and handling for goods ranging from small parts and control cabinets to large wind energy components that can weigh tons. This 37,000m² warehouse serves as a logistics centre for the import and export of production and assembly plants, and spare parts supply.

Handling is carried out by an experienced team and is complemented by services such as packaging planning, assembly assistance, quality assurance measures and container handling, which round off BLG’s stellar performance profile.

At Offshore Terminal ABC-Halbinsel, an area of 100,000m² is available for the handling and storage of large wind energy components that can weigh more than 1,000t.

Installation vessels with jack-up functions can be placed in front of the heavy-load platform, which is able to carry 20t a square metre and boasts an integrated rail system. The loading and unloading of vessels and pontoons is carried out using chassis systems, cranes, self-propelled modular transporters (SPMTs) and forklifts.

Within the framework of research and development projects that are funded by the state and federal government, BLG WindEnergy Logistics will go above and beyond – either independently or with partners – in order to set a course towards further competitive future-oriented technologies.

Company profile

The internationally operating BLG LOGISTICS identified the signs of the times early on, and developed and implemented innovative logistics solutions for the offshore wind industry that effectively support individual processes throughout the entire supply chain.

With its experience and its unique position as a seaport-oriented logistics service provider, the new business unit BLG WindEnergy Logistics integrates those processes into an overall logistics scheme, making its contribution towards bringing about a successful energy transformation.

Our services:

  • terminal operation
  • ports and logistics planning
  • engineering
  • land and sea transport.

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