CETEAL’s XCF is a robust floater designed to produce electricity safely, securely and in reliable conditions. The concept is economically ready for farms with a large number of high-capacity turbines and its production has the advantage of including a high level of local content.

CETEAL can ensure greater safety and security in the specification of XCF, this is thanks to:

  • a design ensuring high security for the floater itself, for the people coming on the floater and for the continuity of electricity production
  • a design to favour conception rather than calculations made to compensate obstacles, thus treating the cause instead of the effects
  • internal circulation guaranteeing safe maintenance on the floater
  • its capacity to produce electricity in damaged conditions when the wind speed is in the acceptable range for the turbine
  • sophisticated monitoring to limit the time for repair operations and failure prediction. On-site operations mean that no systematic return to harbour is needed
  • proven technologies and the guarantee to be free from dynamical components that could cause a breakdown.

CETEAL has produced XCF by combining both 15 years’ experience and key innovations within the field, including:

  • a simple design that allows an easy adaptability to different site conditions, either monodirectional or multidirectional
  • a compatibility with existent horizontal axis that providers have on the market, XCF’s is optimised for 10MW+
  • design choices for use in cyclonic wind, high current speed and seismic areas
  • a shaped design of the elements that decreases drag and installation costs.

XCF is designed to make mass production easier, with benefits including:

  • being made from prefabricated modules, with construction site main area or dry dock mobilised for final assembly only
  • its overall dimensions for large turbines are optimised
  • the number of planning critical paths being minimised.

Ultimately, XCF is an innovative structure and an asset to the industry.