Whether companies are transporting a small generator or large-scale wind project, experienced and trustworthy partners are required to bring efficient results. Having spent 60 years striving for excellence, Chipolbrok (the Chinese-Polish Joint Shipping Company) is one such top-class provider of reliable breakbulk liner services.

The Chinese-Polish Joint Stock Company, known throughout the industry as Chipolbrok, plays an important role in the global transport chain because it was the first joint venture in history to take place between China and a foreign country. The company was established in 1951 and since then it has been providing regular connections between key Chinese and Polish ports.

Six decades later, Chipolbrok is a leading project cargo carrier with more than 50 agencies worldwide and a modern fleet comprising 17 heavy crane-geared multipurpose triple-deckers, which represent 460,000dwt. Each Chipolbrok vessel is perfectly suited to the transport of project cargo, plant materials, heavy materials, overdimensional units and, of course, windmill projects.

Heavy-duty vessels

Chipolbrok’s range of vessels includes ten Orkan-type multipurpose heavy-lift ships, each of which is 30,000dwt. These vessels are equipped with two strong 320t cranes with a maximum lifting capacity of 640t. The capacity under deck is about 38,000m3 and the vessels can reach speeds of 19.5kt.

There are also seven smaller 22,000dwt Rijeka-type ships, which are equipped with two cranes, each of which is capable of lifting 150t, or 300t in tandem operation.

Regular routes

The company employs these vessels in various liner services covering the following primary shipping routes:

  • Europe – Far East
  • Europe – Middle East – India – Far East
  • Far East – US Gulf via Panama Canal (eastbound)
  • US Gulf and east coast US – Europe
  • US Gulf – Far East via Panama Canal (westbound)
  • Far East – Europe via Suez Canal.

During these itineraries, Chipolbrok vessels are regular guests at main loading/discharging ports throughout Europe (Antwerp, Hamburg, Bilbao and Venice), the Far East (Shanghai, Dalian, Xingang, Busan, Singapore and Huangpu), the US (Houston, New Orleans and Camden), India (Mumbai) and the Middle East (Jeddah, Jebel Ali, Dammam, Jubail, Umm Qasr and Abu Dhabi).

Wind supply experts

Chipolbrok handles all types of goods carried by classical cargo carriers, ranging from steel commodities, oil and rig equipment, machineries and cranes through to dismantled factories, breweries and cement plants, and complex reactors for power plants.

Among the most interesting and eye-catching cargo habitually transported are wind projects. The unobstructed 110m of deck space on Orkan-type vessels allows Chipolbrok to carry all kinds of different wind turbine blades and towers, while the 38,000m3 of under-deck space is more than ample to handle accompanying nacelles, turbines and generators. Chipolbrok vessels are capable of carrying an entire large wind farm in one shipment, thus providing partner companies with economy-of-scale benefits.

Working closely with manufacturers and insurance companies, Chipolbrok ensures safe loading/lashing/unlashing/discharging operations – regardless of whether the job entails the transportation of 25m or 60m-long rotor blades.

Despite being in the midst of an economic slowdown and facing an uncertain global forecast, for Chipolbrok it’s business as usual. The company is continuing to perform well, maintaining regular liner arrivals/departures and providing its clients with reliable shipping solutions.