Dealing with humidity inside wind turbines

Cotes is one of the world’s leading experts in adsorption dehumidification, a technology that makes it possible to tackle unwanted moisture in wind turbine towers and nacelles, while in transport, while in pre-installation storage and while in service.

Our combination of technology and expertise enables wind turbine manufacturers and operators to achieve better, more reliable control of the levels of humidity in the air – throughout the service life of the installation.

Compact, energy-efficient and reliable

Cotes dehumidification units are small, lightweight boxes that are easy to mount within a wind turbine nacelle or tower. There are hardly any electronics, and they use hardly any energy.

Cotes units are built using standard, off-the-shelf components of top quality, making them exceptionally reliable and inexpensive to service and maintain.

Big commercial advantage

Despite their modest size, Cotes dehumidification units make a crucial difference to wind turbine operating costs and service life. They enable manufacturers and operators to effectively tackle the unseen humidity in the air, and turn it into tangible commercial advantage.