îd-Technik is specialised on fastening material of power cables for all voltages. Customers in more than 100 countries worldwide include large electric corporations including many companies in the alternative energy, such as wind and solar, cable manufacturers as well as public companies, smaller municipal works and energy supply companies.îd-Technik has representatives in 21 countries.

With more than 35 years of experience, and the first company to introduce polyamide cable clamps to the market, îd-Technik offers superior cable clamps which suit all problems in modern energy supplies. The complete range of cable clamps offers solutions for all practical cases.

Constructional features relevant for usage in wind turbines:

  • Designed and manufactured to ensure the secure fixation without damage to the cables, particularly during short circuit faults
  • Low mechanical pressure on the cables due to a very wide clamping length and rounded edges
  • Developed for indoor and outdoor operations with no restrictions
  • Application under extreme circumstances: i.e. areas with extreme temperatures, under cyclic alternation of load, in coastal areas, on high mountains, in flooding areas, areas with salt spray and marine water flooding, in areas with oils, brines, alkalines, etc.
  • Flame resistant (UL94V-0)
  • Resistant against ultraviolet rays, ageing and ozone
  • No slippage of the cables at vertical installations due to our Elastic Inlay
  • Withstand multiple short circuits
  • Easy to mount without special instruments
  • Maintenance-free
  • Fastening of Cable Clamps adaptable to all local conditions
  • Fully recyclable
  • Proven failure-free life time of more than 35 years.

îd-Technik offers fast and reliable delivery of customary quantities due to well sized stock. The engineering department supports you with assistance for any issue regarding fastening of power cables.