The Power Generation 2018 seminar was, first of all, a great occasion for presenting new developments in the different fields of applications of the co-organisers. After the welcome from Davi president Orazio Davi, who gave the opening speech of the event, the five partner companies had the chance to show all their innovations. Stefano Santoni, product and market manager – wind energy and heavy duty division presented all Davi rolling solutions regarding the various sectors of power generation, including wind towers and offshore platforms.

HGG was represented at the event by Daan van Dee, regional manager for Europe and Russia, who gave a speech on 3D-profiling services, linked to thick plates in particular. Welding automation was the subject of the Pema presentation, with application manager for wind energy and process industry Teemu Tolonen explaining efficient welding on thick materials. Ingo Staudinger, Messer's product manager for complex projects and automation, showed different thermal-cutting processes, from laser and plasma to oxyfuel. Finally, the machining centres of Pama, with a focus on the ones used in power generation industries, were illustrated by sales director Matteo Mattuzzi.

In addition to these, many companies involved in the energy sector were invited to present interesting case studies from recent years. Gabriele Pedrale, purchasing group leader for static equipment from Maire Tecnimont, focused his speech on existing projects regarding oil and gas, but also renewable energies around the world. ASM Industries, a division of ASM Group dedicated to wind towers, offshore foundations and marine structures, was represented by commercial director Ricardo Morgado, who showed some ongoing operations and gave an overview of the production processes it carries out. Tobias Lehnert, marketing and technical support for Dillinger, made a presentation entitled 'Thicker, longer, wider – TMCP steels in new dimensions', that included the company's solutions for offshore wind foundations, from monopile to tripod, and floating to jacket. Jorgen Nordstjerne Schmidt, module supply chain manager at Orsted, gave an overview of the growing installed capacity of wind power and its asset portfolio, with projects in Europe, the US and Asia. Finally, ATB Hydro, represented by technical director Paolo Zenocchini, showed its major ongoing projects in the field of hydropower.

Below is a brief summary of the topics that all participants had the chance to discuss during the event:

  • „„automatic-cutting 3D systems
  • „„most suitable plate-rolling technology, with a heavy-duty live rolling demonstration
  • „„most advanced automation for the welding
  • „„technical details and availability of special heavy plates
  • „„latest solutions in boring-milling machines and machining centres
  • „„oxyfuel, plasma and laser-cutting machines for heavy plates.

Seeing it live

The focal point of the two-day seminar was the live rolling demonstration, when a Davi three-roll variable-axis plate roll (with a capacity of 4,200×215mm) rolled a thick plate into a perfect cylinder. Speed, accuracy and power are the features the Davi machine evidenced during the demonstration. The participants followed the rolling demonstration live and could then see the can perfectly rolled, with the shortest possible flat end.

The Davi three-roll variable-axis plate roll has three motorised rolls, so that the roll rotation is fully synchronised and the torque distribution is extremely efficient. The motorisation prevents the plate from falling or slipping during the prebending operation, and allows positioning of the plate close to the tangent point in order to get the shortest flat end (this operation is dangerous with mechanical brakes on the rolls).

Moreover, Davi research and development studied an innovative solution for the design of the machine, which is completely symmetric. The side rolls' length is the same on both sides and this, together with the symmetric load of the hydraulic cylinder, guarantees a symmetric load on the machine frame. The symmetric design of the machine also means greater accuracy.

On both days, the attendees discovered the whole Davi headquarters, from the workshop to the logistic centre, and from the technical department to the warehouse. The DNA of Davi was shown first of all through the production philosophy, which means a great number of plate and angle rolls always available for immediate delivery.

Participants could walk freely around the Davi workshop, taking a deep look at all the machines in stock, such as the giant plate rolls with capacity up to 300mm, a complete line for wind tower rolling and heavy-duty angle rolls.

In addition to the interest sparkled by the technical presentations, the event received appreciation from all those who attended because of the chance to share ideas and talk with many companies operating in the same business. An international meeting gathering people involved in the field of power generation from five continents, the seminar was a unique opportunity for networking, and exchanging comments, suggestions and contacts.