DEIF Wind Power Technology’s business model is focused on delivering critical key components such as pitch drives and turbine controllers for new and old turbines. The unique approach to collaborating as an active partner throughout the design process to training relevant key-persons and approving the entire electrical system in the turbine, is what makes the big difference to our customers. Such a process must be fast and fulfill safety standards without any added costs or delays to the projects.

With managing director and executive VP Christian Nielsen at the head, DEIF Wind Power Technology has more than ten years of experience in wind turbines and technology on the global market and a 10% market share in China. Thus, DEIF Wind Power Technology delivers robust electrical solutions and designs for wind turbine control and pitch control. With a dedicated focus on providing greener solutions for power production, DEIF Wind Power Technology’s strategy to retrofit older turbines with completely new technology gives turbine owners the opportunity to upgrade their older and worn-out turbines with completely new technology to extend lifetime. This solution is cost reducing, allowing operators to save money on old spare parts or even investing in completely new turbines.

Wind turbine pitch system

DEIF tailors the pitch control system to match the turbine as much as possible. The primary functions of the pitch system are to follow the correct pitch angle for optimum power production and to stop the wind turbine in situations like grid loss, extreme wind or emergency stop. A pitch system is designed to match the wind turbine design, specifically with the purpose of optimizing the operation to reduce mechanical stress and run in all conditions: high wind, medium wind, low wind or extraordinary conditions such as LVRT (low voltage ride through).

As part of the system, the pitch drive is built to last in the very harsh environment and complies with the new wind turbine safety regulations ISO 13849 functional safety. The newest pitch motor drive platform (IMD 100) is safe, reliable and patented by DEIF. The IMD 100 pitch motor drive comes in different variants and options to match the application.

DEIF’s turbine components are built according to the maritime standards, which are stricter than industrial standards in terms of temperature spanning, EMC immunity shock and vibration resistance, etc. With these features, the pitch motor drive is an exceptionally robust and reliable solution than an ordinary industrial frequency or power converter. These significant features make the pitch drive and system ideal for both on- and off-shore wind turbines. To provide maximum reliability, DEIF’s pitch system is based on a minimum of components and designed for easy servicing of the system.

Wind turbine control

DEIF covers all technologies in delivering the most robust and reliable control solutions for wind turbines on the market. The combination of self-designed and manufactured controller hardware, a dedicated application software and a 100% model-based control strategy enables DEIF to deliver tailor-made turbine control solution for any turbine design.

DEIF’s turbine control solutions can be implemented as solely controller hardware with IEC 61131-compatible programming language or a DEIF-designed C/C++ application that is tailor-made to a specific turbine but based on application software that is deployed in thousands of turbines worldwide.

DEIF has a unique competence in designing the turbine control strategy and works in a model-based environment that ensures a transparent design approach. We work with major turbine manufacturers and design institutes to ensure the control strategy is aligned with turbine loads vs power performances. The model-based design supports major grid codes in the EU, US and China.

Wind turbine retrofit

Retrofitting old turbines with new technology is a major trend in the wind market today due to legislation obstructing repowering turbines in many countries. Therefore, instead of investing money and time in old spare parts, owners can upgrade turbines with completely new technology to extend lifetime and availability with a more cost-effective solution.

Another scenario is to refurbish wind turbines for reinstallation at another location. This solution is cost reducing and instead of investing in completely new turbines, turbine owners and independent service providers can upgrade a used turbine to run as if it was brand new and complying with local grid codes. Either way, the cost-effective solution to retrofit older turbines focuses on solving the problem of down-time of the controller by replacing it with a new system that secures a higher level of turbine uptime reusing the same interface. The advantage with a retrofitted controller solution by DEIF Wind Power Technology is optimized availability and improved production, which gives a total lifetime extension of the wind turbine.