For over 180 years, the Demag brand has been synonymous with quality, reliability and value for money. Today, Demag Cranes is one of the world’s leaders in the design, manufacture and installation of materials handling equipment for the onshore and offshore wind energy sectors.

Demag Cranes’ wind chain hoist is well established as the preferred solution for offshore and onshore wind turbine maintenance and service. The company also manufactures a range of davit cranes, designed for mounting on the foundation platforms of offshore wind turbines and associated structures. The davit cranes have been developed for offloading heavy service components from supply vessels to the lay down areas of the offshore structures. The driving factors in the development of the crane units have been health & safety, functionality and ease of use for operators.

The davit cranes incorporate Demag Cranes’ proven FDR Pro electric wire rope hoists, which have a range of features to meet the specific demands of offshore applications. Hoist stability, slow lifting speeds for precision handling, fast lifting speeds for load take off and a generous height of lift ensure precise hook positioning for simple and safe unloading of supply vessels, even in rough sea conditions. The hoists feature IP65 rated enclosures and an offshore specification paint finish to withstand the ingress of water and salt in the arduous marine environment.

Demag Cranes is committed to an ongoing programme of research and development to expand the scale and scope of its davit crane offer to meet demand from its rapidly expanding customer base.

All Demag Cranes’ products are backed by a comprehensive service network, providing preventative maintenance, repair and 24/7/365 spares support.