Dongan Electric Mfg. Co. specializes in the manufacturing of single and three phase transformers, chokes and inductors and other related magnetics. We can wind in aluminum or copper magnet wire and we have access to numerous grades of high quality lamination steel.

Dongan’s Capabilities:

Our product scope is broad in terms of products offered and range of sizes. We offer three phase isolation or auto transformers, single phase isolation or auto transformers. Single or three phase reactors, industrial control transformers, drive isolation transformers, K-factor transformers, DC rectified transformers. We are vertically oriented manufacture and consequently do most of our manufacturing in house, allowing us to shorten the supply chain. We also design and build our own enclosures and can meet NEMA 1, 3R, 4, 4X and 12 requirements.

We are very strong in kva ranges from as small as 1kva through 3000kva. But do also manufacturer products much larger and smaller than these sizes.

One of core strengths is our ability to manufacture products that fit the customer’s requirements at any time. So while other manufacturers try to offer a cookie cutter solution and force a square peg in a round hole, we make a round peg. Dongan creates over 600 new designs per year many can be a one off design and we do them quickly typically in three weeks or less. Why try and settle for something that may when we can give you what you need for your application. Of course we also handle the larger orders with multiple units required.

Products Offered

Our line of magnetics and transformers include:

  • Industrial Control
  • Auto Transformers
  • Isolation transformers
  • High frequency chokes and coils
  • General Purpose
  • Lighting Disconnects
  • K Factor and Drive Isolation
  • Inductors, reactors and chokes
  • Switch mode power transformers
  • Toroidal transformers
  • Common mode chokes.

Speed to market

We are adept at not only building a broad range of products well, we also deliver them quickly and can meet most deadlines imposed by the market or job site. We can develop a completely new design and produce the unit in as little as two weeks for the first time. Thereafter the product becomes a quasi-standard and the lead times become even shorter.

Markets Served

Our products are used in a wide area of markets such as Solar Inverter, Wind Turbines, Large Format printers, household appliances, CNC and other large machines, Hospital isolation panels, commercial ovens and Silicon wafer producing equipment.


Dongan has been producing products now for over 108 years which lends credence to our capabilities and expertise. Our warranty and guarantees are backed by this length of time in business.

Please send us your inquiries to We will provide you and accurate quote with a competitive price and lead time to produce.