DSPA.nl is a leading manufacturer of highly innovative aerosol generators, which are used for fire extinguishing and suppression purposes. Being a preferred Halon and gas substitute, our products are used worldwide by governments, firefighters, first responders and various industries.

DSPA.nl strives to provide exceptional value to our customers with an intense focus on quality, reliability, service and innovative product development.

As early as 1987, DSPA.nl started the development of our range of products. It has been developed to replace Halon (BCF). The ban on Halon Fire extinguishing systems from the Montreal Protocol, which was signed worldwide in 1987. In 2001 the first arrangements on this came into force, which led to a definite ban on the use of Halon in 2003. Already in 1992 the first production of aerosol generators started. DSPA works volumetrically, just like Halon: it affects the combustion process.

Our aerosol Generators are produced in our own production facilities covering over 8000m2, and are equipped with the latest high-tech machines.