With more than a century in business, Eaton has a wealth of knowledge and experience that it can call on in the development of its broad range of products, all of which share a simple goal: to help wind operators maximise uptime and minimise maintenance costs.

Eaton has been a key provider for the wind industry from the start. As a global company with more than 100,000 people and operations in every key wind market, Eaton offers a broad range of products that enable wind power to safely, reliably and efficiently be converted into useful energy. Based upon Eaton’s expertise in electrical, hydraulic and filtration technologies, these products play a key role in enabling the success of wind energy growth.

Eaton has been doing business for more than 100 years, and in its last fiscal year had revenues over $22 billion. The Eaton brand has come to stand for a heritage of innovation marked by quality, market expertise, unparalleled service and a commitment to its customers.

Reliable solutions for wind turbines

Eaton has united many pioneers in the industry – including Vickers, Moeller, Cutler-Hammer, Cooper, Holec and more. This allows Eaton to offer a broad solution set under a single brand, which customers trust to meet their power management needs.

For instance, the products from Eaton’s Bussmann line include a comprehensive range of fuses and surge protection devices (SPDs) for the protection of the main power and auxiliary circuits in wind turbines. The high-speed and NH690V fuses, as well as the high surge-discharge capacity SPDs, provide maximum protection against overcurrent and overvoltage events, yet incur minimum energy loss.

Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds solutions ensure lighting under harsh conditions – especially important for offshore platforms and turbines in places such as the North Sea. Based upon many years’ offshore experience, Crouse-Hinds now offers the CEAG LLK 98 series of fluorescent light fittings, which meet IP66 standards and have proven performance with salt water, high wind-load and constant or severe vibration. Additionally, Eaton provides new-generation LED lighting that can be used inside wind turbines.

Reduced operating costs

One of the most important challenges for wind energy producers is maximising uptime and minimising the cost of maintenance. Eaton has several products designed to meet these specific challenges of the wind industry. For example, Eaton’s LifeSense hose-condition monitoring system detects and alerts users when a hose is approaching the end of its useful life. Using either wired or wireless communications, this allows maximum life without unplanned downtime. Eaton’s AxisPro proportional valves include integrated controller functions in the valve also help maximise performance and minimise unscheduled maintenance.

For hydraulic pitch control, Eaton has performance cylinders that provide fast and accurate response time and control. Eaton also provides a wide range of hoses, including the Aeroquip MatchMate global braided and spiral hose products that have been re-engineered to meet SAE and EN standards, and to provide the high working pressure, temperature ratings, and abrasion-resistance required for wind.

Another important application in wind is the filtration used for oil maintenance and gear lubrication. Eaton offers retrofitting filter systems and stationary off-line filters that include optional metal particle sensors. And Eaton’s Internormen Twinfil Filter System is a specially designed gear-lubrication system that reliably supplies all gear lubrication points as it filters and de-aerates the system. It is designed to operate in cold weather conditions with an additional pump-assisted heating system.

Eaton is committed to the success of our customers in the wind industry, and our products continue to be relied upon by the top turbine makers to improve the safety, reliability and efficiency of converting wind into electricity. Eaton looks forward to continuing to develop products and solutions that enable the continued growth of wind power into the future.