With the global energy industry increasingly moving towards a focus on renewable sources, Eisenbau Krämer (EBK) is standing alongside other worldleading innovators and companies in using its knowledge, skills and passion to transfer its expertise into the ongoing transition towards cleaner energy sources.

Set by the Agenda 2030 and the Paris Agreement on climate change, access to clean, sustainable energy sources is recognised as an essential ingredient of the global energy mix and the safeguarding of the planet’s future.

Having established a track record for the supply of jacket components for the oil and gas industry, EBK has a history of supporting offshore fabricators with bespoke tubular solutions, investing in its capability to reduce cost and assist the productivity of its clients.

The market growth of offshore wind in the coming years will ultimately increase the industry focus towards deeper waters, where wind intensity, increased turbine sizes and water depth will place greater demands on foundation structures.

EBK intends to step up to this challenge. Together with wellplaced, trusted and hand-picked partners, the company intends to use its knowledge and expertise to provide tubular solutions for the increasing demands of this emerging industry, while at the same time working in partnership with customers to reduce the total cost of ownership.

Currently, EBK provides a one-stop-shop for jacket fabrication by supplying a complete kit of parts on a just-in-time basis, enabling its customers to simplify processing, reduce fabrication time and ultimately offer a more competitive and cost-efficient solution.

The offshore wind industry is predicted to grow across the globe, and EBK is preparing itself for an increase in client demand with new and improved technology and strategies for the future.

A powerful service offering

Using sophisticated technology and smart processes that are developed and patented in-house, EBK remains a leader in its field, maintaining tight tolerances across the entire pipe length. This involves the use of an internal calibration machine, which not only guarantees world-leading tolerances, but also releases residual stress – allowing cuts to be undertaken without spring-back and ensuring the tube remains in perfect shape for weld fit-up.

Importantly, EBK recognises the need to be more than just a tubular supplier and thus prides itself on its service capabilities. The company seeks to support the design, engineering, procurement and construction phases by engaging with the project stakeholders as soon as possible. This early vendor engagement guarantees open and transparent discussions, which helps to optimise production and logistics and keeps costs as low as possible. Working with all stakeholders in identifying the potential for enhanced standardisation can also generate significant manufacturing savings, which EBK can then pass on to its customers. With the foundations and jackets of offshore wind platforms costing 30-50% of the overall budget, this can significantly help reduce project budgets.

Propelling itself for the future

The offshore wind industry is predicted to grow across the globe, and EBK is preparing itself for an increase in client demand with new and improved technology, and strategies for the future.

Investing in the growth of the company, EBK has developed specialist fields for future projects based on its experience over the years.

This includes comprehensive and state-of-the-art 3D drawings used prior to production in the design phase, which ensures that client needs are met.

Most recently, EBK has developed a real-time pipe-tracking system, allowing full traceability, transparency and progress updates. The sophisticated process was developed in response to client feedback, and reflects the company’s commercial understandings and its commitment to customer excellence in service delivery.

The focus on technological innovation to support customer requirements, alongside a proven track record of customer satisfaction and partner synergists to offer best-in-class services, is propelling EBK’s evolution as it looks to support the energy needs of the future and the growing renewables market.

With more than 40 offshore wind jackets completed since 2014 across Europe, EBK is excited for what lies ahead and is passionate about its drive to continue improving efficiencies and driving down costs for the global energy market.