Virtual Prototyping solutions for Wind energy

During their lifetime, wind turbines must reliably withstand a wide variety of stresses and environmental conditions. In order to test their strength, their design, and also validate the manufacturing process early in the development cycle, simulation is becoming essential for manufacturers. Indeed, physical tests are time consuming, expensive and only possible in limited circumstances due to the size of wind turbines.

ESI offers virtual prototyping software and services helping wind energy companies to address these challenges and understand the physics of the materials in order to developwind turbines faster and in a cost efficient way.

If you are looking to:

  • Optimize the manufacturing process of wind turbines components (i.e.infusion of the composite blade orcasting of the nacelle frame)
  • Check wind blade interaction with natural wind,
  • Evaluate environmental radar effects on wind farms,
  • And accurately predict loads and performance on overall structure as it is built

Then ESI can help you through software licensing as well as advanced consulting projects.

About ESI

ESI is a pioneer and world-leading solution provider in virtual prototyping for manufacturing industries that takes into account the physics of materials.

ESI has developed an extensive suite of coherent, industry-oriented applications to realistically simulate a product’s behavior during testing, to fine-tune manufacturing processes in accordance with desired product performance, and to evaluate the environment’s impact on performance. ESI’s solutions fit into a single collaborative and open environment for End-to-End Virtual Prototyping, thus eliminating the need for physical prototypes during product development. The company employs about 850 high-level specialists worldwide covering more than 30 countries.