Selection of the right partner to produce wind turbine towers, door frames and offshore wind towers foundations is vital for manufacturers when reliability, production volume, cost factors and availability play an important role.

Achieving the Paris Climate Agreement goals by 2050 will require a substantial acceleration across sectors and technologies, for this reason Faccin has created a Wind Towers Division able to deeply understand the challenges faced by the manufacturers, to interface with the different areas of the company like research and development, product design and production in the creation of technologically advanced solutions and finally to support the customers throughout the whole process of acquisition with just-on-time deliveries, operation coordination and on-going follow-up of the project, even after completion. 

What we do for Wind Towers and Foundations Manufacturers

We provide a rolling package – ‘Faccin’s Wind Tower Automation System’ – for Wind Turbine Towers, Door Frames and Offshore Wind Towers Foundations Manufacturers that combines a powerful super-sized plate-rolling machine along with key components like strong side support, sturdy top support and a feeding table provided with an alignment device. Furthermore, all accessories are controlled by a highly advanced fully programmable CNC designed to automate the most complex rolling projects.

Reliability, speed and accuracy must go hand in hand with cost reduction, and the job should be accomplished by a single operator through the use of a CNC capable of automatically controlling not only the machine, but also the handling system.

Maximising Profits

High technological plate rolling machines able to work 24/7 are designed to maximize productivity, thus the profitability of the wind tower manufacturer by a fast and precise rolling of the cans, reducing the time in later stages of assembly and welding.


We specialise in

4 rolls – Plate Bending Machines – Series HEP and HEL;

3 rolls – Plate Bending Machines – Series HAV;

Profile Section Rolls – Series RCMI and R


We provide

  • High level of supply availability;
  • 100 per cent in-house manufacturing;
  • Tailored solutions for a variety of wind environments;
  • The lowest possible processing time as a priority;
  • Tablet Management App to monitor productivity & machine status and to check capacities & production cost evaluation;
  • Installation;
  • Training to develop the operator skills.


The Company

Faccin is part of a reliable and powerful group – the Faccin Group – leading global metal forming machine producer manufacturer that provides a wide range of bending machines to a substantial and diversified client base that includes the private and public entities within the metal mechanic industry.

Founded in the 1960’s, the group is headquartered in Visano – Italy with two branches, one in the U.S. and the other in Germany, as well as sale offices, dealers and business partners around the world.

The Group is the sole proprietor of leading brands in the metal forming industry – FACCIN – BOLDRINI and ROUNDO all united by a common feature: tailored and energy-efficient product-service systems that include plate rolling, profile bending, dished head lines and special machines.

If you want to know more of how Faccin can help you with your rolling, bending and metal forming wind challenges, do not hesitate to contact us at or