Heinen & Hopman Engineering is a world leader in air-conditioning, mechanical ventilation, central heating, refrigeration, sanitary systems, fire protection, environmental systems and air duct cleaning. Founded in 1965, the company is renowned for being an innovator in the design, engineering and installation of customised solutions.

We work in four specialist areas: Superyachts, commercial shipping, the offshore industry and Navy vessels. Our mission is to ensure that the climate ‘indoors’ will perfectly meet the needs of people and products alike, whatever the weather outside. Heinen & Hopman offers a worldwide, 24/7 0service via a network of subsidiaries and sales centres.

Heinen & Hopman supplies HVAC systems for the wind industry

For the offshore wind industry, Heinen & Hopman also develops successful HVAC solutions. This specifically includes HVAC systems for offshore wind turbines, transformer islands and wind turbine installation units. The wind energy sector has high demands for its HVAC systems and requires a specialist approach to temperature, humidity and saline influences, along with minimum maintenance.

Typical HVAC systems for offshore wind turbines:

  • Ventilation systems for the nacelle
  • Desalination systems for the various tower sections
  • Overpressure systems for the generator space
  • Natural convection heat exchangers without mechanical parts for the converter & transformer

For offshore wind turbine installation units and transformer islands:

  • Ventilation & cooling systems for the various technical spaces, including stand-by systems
  • HVAC for the accommodations
  • Overpressure systems for the accommodations
  • Refrigeration for the accommodations
  • Humidifier systems for the accommodations
  • Tap water systems for the accommodations