For over 60 years, ICM-ArSiMa Safety has supported and collaborated with the best and largest Danish companies. As these customers grew and expanded around the world, ICM-ArSiMa grew to become a valuable partner in their safety supply chain. This experience in international markets, international shipping and logistics and global safety legislation has enabled ICM-ArSiMa to become one of the largest international full line safety distributors to the global wind industry. Today, ICM-ArSiMa supports turbine manufacturers, offshore foundation and tower manufacturers, field technicians, operation and maintenance contractors throughout Europe, North America, China and Asia.

ICM-ArSiMa provides products that range from engineered ladder safety climbing systems, fall arrest anchors, confined space equipment, rescue and evacuation equipment, fire suppression systems, eye wash stations, electrical safety kits and spineboard kits as well as PPE items such as climbing harnesses, lanyards, boots, helmets, eye protection, immersion suits, life vests and emergency personal beacons.

This level of competence and support is only possible with the best brand names in safety: 3M, DuPont, Scott, Honeywell, MSA, Sala, and Skylotec. Over the years we have cultivated these relationships to deliver the solutions our customers require for their business. Examples of this have involved bespoke products, global pricing, global shipping, special labelling and identification, multi-legislative safety approvals, on-hand inventory for immediate dispatch and local technical support. It also means collaborating throughout customer organizations with engineering, purchasing, logistics, training, sub-contractors and site management personnel.

If you are looking for excellent technical knowledge, quality products and outstanding service in your safety supply chain partners, ICM-ArSiMa has the experience, depth and strength to support your domestic and international needs.

To support your supply chain integrity, ICM-ArSiMa has ISO 9001:2008 as well as the environmental ISO 14001:2004. ICM-ArSiMa is registered with Sellihca and Achilles JQS supply chain procurement.