KK Wind Solutions, a provider of electrical solutions for wind, knows not to rest on its laurels despite its continued stable growth. The company expertly combines technical knowledge with experiential insight to create new and improved wind-power solutions. It places significant value and focus on innovation and integration.

A sure way for a company to stagnate is to settle on the notion that its development and successes are sufficient. This is not the case for KK Wind Solutions. Tommy G Jespersen, CEO, says: "Too many businesses have failed because they did not remain at the forefront of the industry, seeking new opportunities in the market." Jespersen says that it is important that the company reminds itself that complacency with the status quo can lead it towards a similar fate.

"Let’s face it; we are a medium-sized company from Western Jutland in Denmark. If modesty stems from anywhere in the world, this must be the place. So, we don’t usually brag too much about what we are good at," Jespersen says.

Modesty aside, KK Wind Solutions has ambitions to make a difference in the wind industry. It has, therefore, chosen to accelerate business with the ultimate goal of making wind energy more cost competitive.

René Balle, CTO, says: "We started this year with a new way of working, inspired by innovation expert Andrea Kates from LaunchPad Central. We want to continue our company’s strong growth via evidence-based innovation. This effort and methodology will enable us to better understand the customers’ points of pains and gains."

Entrepreneurship is at the core KK Wind Solutions. During the past couple of years, it has developed and patented a number of technologies, including the tools to monitor, at chip level, the wear and failures on converter power modules. Full-scale field testing of this technology is now being carried out in cooperation with a leading utility and Aalborg University.

Balle says: "We believe there is big potential in CMU technology; it could significantly reduce some of the expensive failures on wind turbines. This means lowering the cost of energy for the future."

Robotic manufacturing

The wind industry is being pressured to provide energy at reduced prices. Thus, increased demands at reduced margins require intelligent innovation. The first robotic manufacturing facility, to be installed at KK Wind Solutions, is set to do just that.

Chlinton Nielsen, COO, says: "Our new industry 4.0 facility plays an important part of ensuring high quality and high traceability at competitive prices."

The new robot line will be used to manufacture electrical panels for wind turbines. KK Wind Solutions is already working on the next phase of a robot line, where the newest technology for cooperation between man and machine will be used to drive continued innovation, lean manufacturing and reduced cost.