The Lafert Group is a leading European motor company that has built a reputation for the manufacture of customised or specially engineered electric motors and drives. Focusing on the areas of industrial automation, energy saving and wind industry, Lafert is the preferred partner for many of the world leaders in the wind industry with motors installed in more than 20,000 nacelles on turbine installations worldwide.

The primary benefit of installing Lafert motors is to reduce the lifecycle cost. Lafert has a strong focus on quality and lifetime reliability, this combined with the challenge of continuous improvements in motor efficiencies puts Lafert in a strong position as the partner of choice.

The Lafert motor range includes reliable and robust AC and PM motors designed specifically for wind industry applications with an efficiency level depending on specification: IE2-IE3-IE4-IE5; single speed and two speed AC motors or dedicated multispeed PM motors controlled by a frequency converter; mechanical and electrical adaptations to specific application; mechanical components and paint systems delivering high corrosion protection for offshore environment.

Lafert focuses on many motor applications within the Wind Industry: Yaw and Pitch drive, oil hydraulic, pump, ventilation and service or person lift.

Specifically in the Yaw application, Lafert has a proven record. Lafert Yaw brake motors are specifically designed with a focus on a soft start with high slip to secure long lifetime of the Yaw gear. The AC or DC brake has a dedicated strong corrosion protection by the application of stainless steel brake disks.

In addition Lafert can offer, where there is a strong focus on efficiency and weight, IE4 PM motor technology, in general PM motors are half the weight of AC motors of a similar power/size.

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