Leine Linde LTN is the main point of contact within the HEIDENHAIN group of companies for wind energy industry. We represent the group-wide industry sales for Leine Linde, LTN Servotechnik, E+E Electronics and HEIDENHAIN.

The wind energy industry’s battle for greater electricity generation, lower expenditures for operations and maintenance, and longer lifetime of the systems, is well supported by sensors and digitalization. Leine Linde LTN takes the game further, with clever components, sensors and data analytics. The company supplies the wind energy industry with rotary encoders and resolvers for motor and position feedback, as well as pitch system slip rings and strain measurement systems. Under the name LEINE LINDE SYSTEMS, we have taken part in the market’s development from a niche sector to a mainstream industry with more than 10 million jobs worldwide.

Our rotary encoders, temperature and humidity sensors, and slip rings can all cope with the requirements from this demanding industry. With an attentive, holistic approach to your needs we bring a wide selection of both standard and customised products to the market.

On the top of this, we develop new solutions, which really make a difference!

Unique to Leine Linde LTN is also our team of application specialists. They understand in depth how the wind energy turbines are operating and which functionalities are required to optimize the operation in the future. And yes, they are used to climbing up a turbine in case it is required.

Feel free to discuss your challenges and ideas with us!