Furthering development, accepting change, opening doors to innovations and promoting them is LEITWIND’s DNA. Despite the difficulties, risks and costs that inevitably accompany the introduction of new products, the company considers innovation to be synonymous with the future, as proved by its gearboxless DirectDrive turbines.

The LEITWIND DirectDrive transmission and full-service assistance offered to customers for a product known for its reliability is the strength of the company. This emerged in a market study commissioned by LEITWIND and produced by an important consulting agency – an expert in renewable energy. This study enhanced and more precisely defined LEITWIND’s strategy, based on the characteristics of its unique product and the constantly evolving renewable energy business.

Compare the market

LEITWIND DirectDrive wind turbines run without gearboxes – reducing the number of rotating parts reduces wear and, with it, operation and maintenance costs. It also reduces mechanical losses, driving up efficiency in all wind conditions. Futhermore, the LEITWIND multipole synchronous generator with permanent magnets ensures the most is made out of the available wind power.

With nominal capacities ranging from 0.8 to3.0MW, and a choice of rotor diameters and generators, there is no site demand LEITWIND cannot cover. The company is an expert in small and medium-sized projects. Its typical client seeks a reliable product, customised solutions, and full-service assistance and consulting.

The study analysed forecasts for the demand of LEITWIND’s ability for gaining new market incentives. It also analysed market risks, the characteristics of wind parks and competitors’ abilities in the markets where both suppliers operate.

Besides consolidated markets such as Italy, India and Bulgaria, LEITWIND focuses on Canada, Turkey and the US. Switzerland and the UK are also markets with great development potential: both have extreme weather conditions and favourable laws – similar to the past projects of LEITWIND’s in Salzstiegl, Austria, and Colle di San Giacomo, Italy.

Turkish delight

With a strong economy and favourable government policies, Turkey is one of the fastest-growing energy markets in the world; the electricity need in 2023 is expected to have doubled to 500 billion kilowatt hours. The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources declared a target of generating 30% of energy from renewable sources by 2023.

The recent liberalisation of the Turkish electricity market, the privatisation of the electricity distribution and the regulations on the feed-in-tariff (FiT) with local content incentives has enabled the wind market to attract international investors and manufacturers that are contributing to a rapid development of the entire industry and its supply chain.

As of 30 March 2013, the Electricity Market Law established the activities that can be conducted without a licence. This law raised the maximum installed capacity for a renewable energy plant to be able to operate without a licence to 1MW.

LEITWIND has been following the market developments and regulations for more than a year, and, thanks to its long-lasting connections and experience in Europe, the company is ready to enter into the local Turkish market with its own customer portfolio.

With a rated power of 1MW, the LEITWIND LTW80 1.5MW wind turbine has been adapted to meet the market demand and fulfil local regulations.

Thanks to the well-developed and technologically proven DirectDrive synchronous generator with permanent magnets, the LTW80 1.0MW has the highest availability and productivity among its competitors.