Chr. Mayr GmbH & Co KG is a supplier of electromagnetic safety brakes for electric pitch and yaw drive. Headquarters is located in the south of Germany in Mauerstetten with more than 500 employees. With its 8 subsidiaries, including a production facility in Poland and China there are more than 800 employees world wide. In combination with the additional 36 representatives this assures fast delivery and support for customers all over the world.

Starting up with the first developers of electric pitch systems 20 years ago, mayr® up to now has more than 150.000 pitch and yaw brakes in drives of well-known manufacturers installed in the field and is among the world`s leading suppliers of pitch and yaw brakes.

This experience and a safe dimensioning of the products in combination with the high standards of Quality make mayr® to your reliable partner for wind power.

Electromagnetic safety brakes for pitch and yaw drive

Mayr`s electromagnetic pitch and yaw brakes ROBA-stop are available in several, often customized designs for Offshore and Onshore. Currently the torque range goes up to more than 400Nm for 7MW plants.

Before the safety brakes from mayr leave factory, the functional relevant values are all 100% tested and documented on final test bench to enable highest reliability of operation.

The close contact of mayr with their customers in regard to new market requirements and the own large development, design and testing department located in headquarters assures to be always on the highest state of art or even one step ahead.

Thus mayr has a various number of certificates and more than 80 applied patents.

For example they are member of VDMA task force CCV and did not just static, but also dynamic brake tests with their own climate chamber to optimize the brake performance under real working conditions up to -40°C.

Further applications in wind power

Mayr delivers not only brakes for pitch and yaw drive. There are many further wind power applications like redundant brakes for service lifts in the tower, IP67 seawater brakes for upload cranes on offshore platforms as well as for winches and climbing equipment for maintenance.

Also small wind power plants up to 100kW use the ROBA stop M brake or the electromagnetic caliper brake ROBA-diskstop from mayr to brake the main shaft.

Moreover mayr produces high quality overload clutches and couplings that are used in test equipment or production and assembly lines of components for wind power.