With more than 30 years’ experience in the wind energy industry and a proven track record of over 42,000 wind turbines successfully running its WP control system, Mita-Teknik is a preferred provider of control systems that suit on and offshore applications.

Mita-Teknik began developing and supplying various sectors with control systems in 1969, before becoming part of the wind industry in the early 1980s. It has since become a pioneer that, through continuous focus and dedication to innovation, has grown with and successfully established a strong position in the wind energy market.

Today, Mita-Teknik has headquarters in Denmark, as well as divisions throughout China, the Ukraine, India and the US.

"Like the wind industry, we adapt and evolve," says CEO of Mita-Teknik Jesper Andersen. "We continuously strive to be at the absolute forefront of control automation in order to meet the market’s demands – in the present and future."

Facing offshore challenges

The harsh weather conditions at sea put high demands on the wind turbine control system. Mita-Teknik delivers a complete control solution that addresses known offshore challenges, such as:

  • redundancy implementation
  • condition-based monitoring
  • predictive maintenance functions
  • logging and alarm functions
  • easy remote service and operation
  • verification and control of equipment.

The harsh offshore environment, small window for maintenance and repair, and need for extended reliability and availability place immense demands on the equipment to be installed. All of Mita-Teknik’s products are manufactured in line with ISO 9001:2008 standards and are rigorously tested to make sure that they perform in these harsh offshore conditions, and meet the above requirements.

Making wind competitive

In the offshore environment, reliability, security, robustness and high performance are the keys to success. Therefore, there must be a high level of trust between all partners and stakeholders involved in offshore projects.

Mita-Teknik takes this issue of trust seriously. Its ability to efficiently provide the industry with cost-effective, reliable and high-performing turbine solutions makes it a stand-out company in a critical and challenging market. By staying true to its entrepreneurial and quality-focused spirit, Mita-Teknik ensures the competitiveness of its customers.

Introducing the WP control system

  • Turbine and park control: the company’s reliable, robust and proven control systems are designed to operate optimally in harsh offshore conditions. They undertake advanced data collection, perform all tasks remotely, and offer redundancy in hardware and software.
  • SCADA – complete control 24/7: Mita-Teknik’s SCADA system provides customers with remote monitoring, extended reporting functionalities and a complete performance overview – accessible via a PC, tablet or smartphone.
  • Electrical pitch system: Mita-Teknik delivers complete on and offshore pitch systems, which are designed to resist severe vibrations and rotational forces.
  • WP4086 condition monitoring system: by means of up to eight accelerometers placed in critical components, such as the bearings and gearbox, the WP4086 condition monitoring system measures and surveys predetermined critical vibration levels. This advanced condition analysis of the wind turbine’s vital parts ensures preventative maintenance and keeps costs down.
  • Power panels: high-quality power panels are built for offshore conditions, maintenance-friendly and easy to install, guaranteeing safe and reliable operations.