N.C. Nielsen has an increasing number of inquiries for very heavy lifts. It has delivered custom solutions for the wind turbine industry, lifting turbine turrets and nacelles from a flatbed truck in a storage area or transporting them from one industrial building to another. The reach stackers also carry out other tasks, such as flexible container handling at terminals, moving very heavy items at shipyards or transporting in the busy supply bases in harbours.

Every reach stacker from N.C. Nielsen has been customised to the tasks at hand and the surrounding working environment. They are available with lifting capacities of 65-152t, with options such as hook, container spreader, forks or jib – and painted in a company’s preferred colours. Last but not least, operator safety is paramount with various functional details inside the cab.

The world’s largest reach stacker

It is no everyday occurrence to design and produce what will probably be the world’s largest, strongest and most powerful reach stacker. However, this is a reality at N.C. Nielsen, in Denmark, which has a heavy-duty machine capable of lifting a dizzying 152t from its hook. This extreme lifting capacity is the answer to an increasing number of enquiries from shipping companies, supply bases, harbour terminals and wind turbine producers. They are not only demanding heavy lifts but also highly mobile machinery capable of lifting and moving items from place to place safely and efficiently.

N.C. Nielsen cooperates with Konecranes in the development of the reach stackers. This gives it access to the world’s leading brand in this area. The close development collaboration benefits N.C. Nielsen’s customers in terms of strong solutions for lower TCO and an improved bottom line. The company is delivering a total package with a functional reach stacker, technical documentation, special equipment, optional test drive and attractive service.

Driver comfort above all

The driver’s cab is equipped with big durable windows that provide optimal visibility in all directions. It has a lot of space and storage, and offers clearly visible control panels placed conveniently in reach. The cab can be pushed forward in a horizontal position, so the driver gets close to the operation at the machine’s front end, and the driver’s seat is ergonomically equipped. The cab can also be equipped with extra equipment, such as a back-up camera. Finally, it is possible to step down from the machine on either side.

Reach stackers from N.C. Nielsen are highly reliable, offer a low TCO, a flexible lift for a wide range of tasks, attractive payback times, customised solutions, high operator comfort with superior visibility, low noise level and lots of accessories, as well as proven and welldocumented product quality. The machinery is also futureproof and energy optimised.