Nikon Metrology is a global measurement technology group providing solutions from nano to mega-scale. The Large Volume Metrology team specialise in enabling our customers to measure and make large products, including wind turbine blades. The renewable energy sector is a large potential market for Nikon’s innovative optical solutions.

Laser Radar is a very large volume (upto 50m radial), precise (10µm/m), automatable non-contact optical metrology system. This is ideal for high-speed surface inspection.

IGPS is a GPS for inside the factory, without a technical upper limit in scale. Its uses include multi-operator (parallel working) inspection, flexible automation (without dedicated gantries/encoders), and large scale structural test, with accuracies up to 250µm.
K-Series is a high speed medium volume dynamic system, ideal for in-line inspection, robotics, and engineering test, with accuracies of 100µm.

Nikon integrates these technologies (and supports third party integrators) in delivering production automation solutions. This is called Metrology Assisted Production (MAP). There are a range of mature software solutions available including Adaptive Robot Control (ARC) for guiding industrial robots to higher precisions than they can achieve "out-of-box"; Dynamic Measurement Machines (DMM) for dynamic analysis; and 3D inspection software (FOCUS).

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