A 01dB-Metravib brand

In the field of condition monitoring, OneProd solutions deliver reliability, and have done so for over 20 years in all industrial fields and parts of the worlds.

For wind energy, the OneProd Wind System offer spans from a GL-certified CMS, to project management, and up to 24/7 monitoring.

Condition Monitoring: the dedicated system

  • OneProd Wind System is GL certified according to the 2007 guidelines. It puts vibration analysis at play to monitor the health of wind turbines and establish diagnostics . Getting you to anticipate failures.
  • Its specific methodologies and algorithms are combined with the unique parameter ShockFinderä . In the end, you get reliable, easy-to-read monitoring information.
  • Its power of analysis and core architecture make OneProd Wind System a powerful diagnostic tool with remote access to all data.
  • The system architecture can adapt itself to all wind farm configurations, with reliable wired or wireless communication.

Scalable services

If you are looking for quick results, scalable service contracts can be the adapted answer.

  • Managing the monitoring engineering, set up and commissioning is a project altogether, which we can take in charge to get you up and running.
  • We can give you a boost to results with training, wind turbine expertise, or monitoring and analysis service.
  • Our offer even spans up to performance-based contracts. In this case, a specific team takes in charge the system installation and monitoring of your wind turbines, and the results are gauged upon your operations indicators. Should you need to skip buying product altogether, the specific LiveProd offer has it all covered.

OneProd is a brand offered by 01dB-Metravib, an AREVA subsidiary.