When it comes to jacket-based foundation design and engineering for offshore wind farms, OWEC Tower’s experience, expertise and backing elevate it to a level beyond.

Based in Oslo, Norway, OWEC Tower was established in 2004 and has already proven its credentials for not just meeting but surpassing industry standards. Along with its track record for developing patented technology, OWEC is a market leader when it comes to jacket-based foundation design for offshore wind turbines.

OWEC Tower consists of 11 highly qualified employees dedicated to engineering, production and implementation. From top to bottom, the company is replete with detailed knowledge of the life cycle of an offshore wind project. It can offer: screening and initial independent studies; front-end engineering and conceptual design (FEED); detailed engineering services, including studies of the impact of wind and current, soil conditions, fundaments, structure, mid-sections and integrated analysis of proposed solutions; and competence and experience in the manufacture and installation of the chosen structure.

OWEC Tower has developed the OWEC Quattropod, the only proven substructure that houses pre-installed piles, to meet the needs of companies wishing to work with larger turbines, in deeper water and in various soil conditions.

Based on the experience gained from the projects it has delivered since 2007, OWEC Tower also designs and engineers foundations for utility modules, met masts and transformer stations.

With a track record of five completed projects and a plethora of FEED studies, OWEC Tower has unquestionably earned its reputation for being a trustworthy partner in the offshore sphere.

The highest pedigree

The equity and strategic owners of OWEC Tower are committed to developing the company’s long-term strategy and growth in the market. With key owners such as Keppel, Scatec and TrønderEnergi, OWEC has a foundation for growth and sustainability.

An investment from Keppel Offshore & Marine in 2012 for a 49.9% share of OWEC – bestowing it with associated company status – gives OWEC a solid financial backing while still maintaining its independence. Keppel Offshore & Marine is the global leader in offshore rig design, construction and repair, ship repair and conversion, and specialised shipbuilding. Headquartered in Singapore, Keppel integrates and harnesses 20 years’ experience and global expertise.

Scatec works within a wide international network, evaluating trends within growing markets and assessing new technologies in fields where Norway is considered traditionally strong. Based on these evaluated concepts, Scatec invests in and develops new businesses.

TrønderEnergi strives to create value through environmentally friendly production and distribution of energy for the benefit of the local region. The group generates annual sales of approximately NKr1.7 billion and employs around 450 staff. Organised in a group structure with TrønderEnergi as the parent company, it has three business areas: energy, networks and markets.

The subsidiary TrønderEnergi Kraft is responsible for power generation and power sales to the wholesale market, and produces around 2.1TWh each year, of which 200GWh derives from wind power. TronderPower owns and operates a power plant in Bugoye, Uganda, that has an annual production of 82GWh.

Get your jacket

The offshore wind industry is in the midst of an upswing, with finance now having been secured for new constructions leading to projects that have long lain dormant on the drawing board finally beginning to materialise. OWEC is seeing a strong demand for jacket-based foundation solutions and is generating a number of offers every month.

The organisation recently moved its headquarters to Norway from its original Bergen home and has been strengthened with the addition of more technical experts to its team. It has a pool of local experts and partners, meaning that it is sensitive to individual requirements and projects.

One reason for the success that has driven this expansion is that OWEC is a company with a proven track record when it comes to installing jackets at sea. It has worked with key supply companies together with the companies carrying out construction to develop groundbreaking technology for the manufacture and installation of these complex and challenging components. The OWEC principle is to follow the project from concept to FEED to detailed design. But why stop there? OWEC works hard to fully optimise the production and installation processes.

More than 50% of the total cost of a project is locked in at an early stage of development, so it is important to work with experienced designers early on. OWEC is an independent engineering company with strong investors, and therefore it is capable of taking on and carrying out the necessary work to the high standards it has become known for. It is the only offshore wind engineering company that has stayed true to its roots by not diversifying into general engineering, or oil and gas, meaning its expertise and experience has not been diluted – it remains as strong as ever.