Lifetime excellence is our promise. PALFINGER WIND customers get excellence without compromises as well as reliable and profitable solutions within a global network of competent service partners – a lifelong product.

PALFINGER WIND is the expert for onshore and offshore cranes. For more than ten years, the company has produced wind cranes for nacelles, platforms and substation/accommodation platforms. PALFINGER WIND guarantees its customers a strong partnership and excellent service during the entire product life cycle.

PALFINGER WIND offers an extensive lifting concept and the best total package for fast and cost-efficient operations. A perfectly balanced set of nacelle and platform cranes minimises breakdown times during maintenance and repair work. Professional consultancy, support with the installation and initiation plus training for maintenance and operating are further benefits of this package.

Our product range:

Nacelle cranes

Nacelle cranes feature compact design and an ideal weighting and performance ratio. Reliable operation is guaranteed even in tight spaces. PALFINGER nacelle cranes enable safe and fast lifting from the platform to the nacelle and from the heli-deck into the nacelle. Passenger transportation, and blade and tower inspections are also simplified.

PK – foldable knuckle boom cranes
Foldable knuckle boom cranes are the right partner for transporting heavy loads such as generator parts, drives or electric motors into the nacelle. Compact storage and exceptional flexibility simplify wind farm operations considerably.

PC – compact telescopic cranes
The compact telescopic cranes are typically used for handling tool kits and spare parts. Despite their light weight, PC cranes impress our customers with their high performance.

Platform cranes

PALFINGER WIND platform cranes are experts for flexible material handling to the platform. Platform cranes are customised to unload supply vessels rapidly and safely under any marine conditions at sea. A special surface coating and processing of high-quality materials protects PALFINGER WIND platform cranes against corrosion.

SC – fixed boom cranes
Fixed boom platform cranes can be optimally combined with PALFINGER WIND PC cranes. When installed together, customers benefit from an extensive lifting system covering 0.5 to four metric tons. The cranes are available with electric or manual motor and slewing.

PS/PSM – stiff boom cranes
Stiff boom cranes are usually combined with foldable knuckle boom cranes in the nacelle. The advantage of this crane type is the simple handling with variable outreach and coverage of ten to 183 metric tons.

Substation/accommodation platform cranes

PALFINGER WIND substation and accommodation platform cranes are customised to withstand any marine conditions at sea. Flexible material handlings allow for the safe and fast unloading of supply vessels. With PALFINGER WIND substation and accommodation platform cranes, the man-riding capability is optional.

PSM – stiff boom cranes
PALFINGER platform cranes from our PSM range are the perfect supplement for handling material on substation and accommodation platforms.