Peikko Group is a leading global supplier of concrete connections and composite structures. The offering ranges from precast, cast-in-situ, and building frames to concrete flooring and wind turbine foundations. Peikko has own offices in more than 30 countries and certified production in seven countries, worldwide. Peikko’s Wind Turbine Foundation Technology offers a reliable and optimised solution for onshore wind turbine foundations. Solutions are available for gravity foundations and rock foundations.

Foundation solution tailored to customer needs

Our offering is flexible and it can be tailored according to the customer needs and project requirements. Our offering comprises components, design and components, or design, components and foundation construction. Demanding schedules and high quality requirements as well as optimising the use of materials in wind turbine projects can be achieved with Peikko’s in-depth engineering know-how, reliable in-house-produced components, and efficient sales and delivery network. This gives full guarantee of superior quality and reliability. Our in-house design team takes care of the entire design process of the foundation. Peikko offers a one-stop turnkey solution including design, components as well as foundation installation.

In-house design of foundations

Peikko has an own dedicated design team working solely on wind turbine foundation design. Design integration ensures remarkable savings in time. It shortens the design phase by weeks. When the structural design is made, we have the detailed shop drawings immediately ready and component production can start immediately. In-house design integration to component production and site requirements is valuable for both Peikko and all the other parties. This is the key to our fast and reliable operation, whether component delivery or total delivery of the foundation including site execution.

Foundation technology: Anchor Cage and Reinforcement Package

Peikko foundation components are split into two categories – the Anchor Cage and the Reinforcement Package. The Anchor Cage is the vital key component of the foundation. When entire Anchor Cage is supplied by one partner, all components fit perfectly together and are delivered at the same time. The Peikko Reinforcement Package is formed of headed studs for shear reinforcement, and rebar splicing for transferring of the loads. It also includes different kinds of conventional reinforcement components. Together the Anchor Cage and the Reinforcement Package form the complete foundation.

Foundation installation – Complete solution from Peikko

When the customer wants, Peikko can take full responsibility for the entire foundation construction. Own design and component manufacture combined with site installation work makes the process fast, easy, and reliable. We have vast experience of completing foundations in many different kinds of settings, including winter time installation.

50-year experience in connection technology

The company was founded back in 1965, so our 50 years of experience is valuable when serving our partners in the wind energy business. The extensive experience in different kinds steel products used in tens of thousands of projects all over world benefits our wind energy business, which is one of our newest business segments. Peikko has delivered hundreds of foundations since 2011 and we have delivered our solution to all major turbine manufacturer projects.